Cable cars at top of mountains Cable cars at top of mountains

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Abha tourism: a cable car adventure

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A trip to Abha wouldn’t be complete without a ride on the town’s iconic cable cars, with panoramic views of the surrounding Sarawat Mountains. Each of these four routes offers a unique vantage point that takes you up to the clouds and deep into the cultural stops of the city. Keep in mind that the Rijal Almaa and Al Habala hanging village routes operate seasonally, during the summer. Call ahead or check with your hotel concierge before booking your reservation.

  • Abha Palace Hotel Station

    Route: Abu Khayal to the Green Mountain


    Over 300 meters high, this cable car line is said to be the only one in the world suspended between just two pillars a kilometer apart. The gondolas along this route treat passengers to a bird’s-eye view of the lush, family-friendly Abu Khayal Park on their way to the Green Mountain, a unique landmark in the center of Abha that is illuminated with emerald neon lights by night.

  • Abha Al Jadidah Cable Car Station

    Route: New Abha Resort to the Green Mountain


    These cable cars heading to the Green Mountain glide at an altitude of 400 meters above the New Abha Resort. Enjoy striking views of the area’s rolling hills and Lake Sadd, then head back to explore the resort, which offers something for everyone: activities for children, high-end dining, a shopping center, a bowling alley, an arcade and watersports.

  • Soudah Cable Car Station

    Route: Soudah to Rijal Almaa 


    Passengers along this route are whisked from the top of Soudah, Saudi Arabia’s tallest peak at more than 3,000 meters, to the heritage village of Rijal Almaa. This former trade hub is about to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, thanks to its dozens of charming, brightly colored houses and well-preserved architecture. The most spectacular part of the journey is the descent through the mountains, so relax and enjoy the dreamy scenes as the clouds float by.

  • Al Habala Cable Car Station

    Route: Al Habala Resort to Al Habala Hanging Village


    This cable car route spans 600 meters on its way to the ancient Habala village, built by the Qahtan tribe nearly 400 years ago. Dubbed “the hanging village,” Al Habala’s sandstone houses are perched on a steep cliff and are accessible only by cable car today. The original inhabitants used rope ladders (habals) to get up and down the ravine.

Still fine-tuning your itinerary? There is plenty to explore in and around Abha, from traditional markets and bohemian art centers to the sprawling Aseer National Park.