Sapidity of Honey in Abha. Sapidity of Honey in Abha.

From the natural mountain apiaries to the streets and stores of Abha.

Sapidity of Honey in Abha.

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When you visit Abha, tables decorated with the highest quality and the most delicious types of Honey made by nature will greet you. The region's rich nature lavished its people with unique Honey till it became part of Aseer culture. It is used as a treatment in alternative medicine and as a delicious addition to most traditional dishes. 

Passion and Hobby


The quality and abundance of Honey production can be traced back to a passion since ancient times. Beekeeping and Honey extraction is one of the leading agricultural occupations in the region. Amateurs enjoy practicing the job privately by setting up apiaries in the backyards of their houses. Abha`s arable land contributed to the quality production of Honey due to the availability of the trees that bees feed on, such as Acacia, Ziziphus Spina-Christi, Salvadora Persica, and Rhanterium Epapposum, and the trees that produce Honey, for example, Ziziphus Spina-Christi, and Acacia Nilotica. Also, the care of beekeepers to follow the highest principles of beehive maintenance is a reason behind Honey quality. The number of apiaries in the region is up to thousands. The view of vendors presenting their various Honey productions will amaze you while walking around Abha`s streets.

Idealistic Quality and Production 


Governmental encouragement is one of the reasons for the high production quality. The apiaries are checked and subjected to criteria and strict tests to issue the necessary licenses to practice beekeeping systematically and efficiently. The Honey festival is one of the special local events in the region for presentation and marketing, where purchasing high-quality Honey is easy. Also, it provides quality check service. Simultaneously, courses and lectures are held to preserve and improve the quality of local production. 

Dishes Decorated Using Honey


When you taste Abha`s Honey, it melts in your mouth like silk. It is prosperous with natural antimicrobial features and beneficial enzymes. Try the traditional dishes with an addition of Honey, such as Arika and Mashghutha, to complete the experience of amazement.

Get Ready to Purchas Honey


While you are searching for Honey, we present you with perfect options. Head to "Souq Al-Thulatha" where many stores are there, like "Al-Afifi store for top-quality Honey types," or go to "Sharafiyah Street" in Abha, more specifically "South Honey" that provides all Honey types with gifts service in prepared boxes. On the same street, you will find store options that present products that are laboratory examined to have an effortless purchasing experience of top-quality Honey.