An Eastern Wonder Trip for Wander Moms An Eastern Wonder Trip for Wander Moms

An Eastern Wonder Trip for Wander Moms

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For moms who love adventure and culture, with a side of metropolitanism, the Al Ahsa Oasis in the Eastern Province is the perfect weekend destination for you and your friends to surround yourselves by nature in an oasis that has something for everyone. 

Al Ahsa Al Ahsa

Start your journey by heading to Hofuf which is the capital of Al Ahsa. Enjoy the scenic drive, with grand panoramic views of vast greenery and towering palm trees which is a  part of  the largest palm tree oasis in the world surrounded by fresh water springs.

Pack a picnic basket and visit the beautiful King Abdullah Environmental Park, South of Hofuf. It is a grand park filled with greenery, dancing water fountains, and much more, making it a great spot to lay down a blanket and enjoy a calm and quiet picnic. 


Souq Al Qaisariya Souq Al Qaisariya

Make sure to stop at Souq Al Qaisariya, which is one of the oldest traditional markets in the Eastern Province. It is the best place to browse traditional artifacts and souvenirs while enjoying the old-world atmosphere of the bustling market. You’ll find antique items such as brass teapots, wool carpets, vintage telephones, and many more eccentrically ornate items.

Al Qara Mountain Caves Al Qara Mountain Caves

Head to the beautiful Al Qara Mountain Caves, only a 25-minute drive from Hofuf. These caves require a small entrance fee for above 12 SAR, which include entry into the caves as well as the museum. Although the caves only allow for a short walk through, the experience is too unique to pass up! End your day by stopping at the InterContinental Hotel, where you can enjoy a seafood buffet, whilst basking in the hotel’s grand interior.