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Explore Al Baha

A city in the Al Baha region

Venture to Al Baha

A place of beguiling forests and winding valleys

Activities in Al Baha

When in Al Baha, Go and Explore

  • Marble village in the mountains

    Dhee Ayn

    Built on a white marble outcrop in the epic Bidah Valley, south of Al Baha, Dhee Ayn looks like an Arabian citadel has arrived on a Tuscan hillside. Often called the Marble Village, the cuboid buildings were made of stone and slate more than 400 years ago and were abandoned in the 1980s. Exploring its narrow pathways is a beautiful experience, especially during the golden hours, when the light reflects on the white marble and the colorful Sarawat mountain range in the background.

  • Raghadan Forest Park

    Raghadan Forest Park

    In the cool Sarawat Mountains west of the city, Raghadan Forest Park was once a wilderness area but has been sensitively adapted for visitors, with a paved trail up into forested hills populated by impish baboons. From the top of the path, there are striking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, including the winding road that leads to Dhee Ayn. Whether you go for a weekend campout, ride a zip line or practice yoga in the forest, make sure to grab a bite from food stalls or a local barbecue in the hills to enjoy as the sun goes down.

  • Traditional village surrounded by greenerey Traditional village surrounded by greenerey

    Sheda Village

    Nestled halfway to the peak of Jabal Mussala Ibrahim is the hidden village of Sheda, offering dramatic views across the green cliffs and valleys of the Sarawat Mountains. As you venture up, the air becomes much cooler and drier, which has allowed rare plants like the white Capparis cartilaginea flower (sometimes called Cartilage caper) and the Dendrosicyos tree (also known as the cucumber tree) to grow. Along the picturesque drive up its slopes, you’ll pass ancient stone houses dotting the roadside, offering a glimpse of a time and communities past.

Travel tips

  • Where to stay
    Check into the traditional-style Capital O 309 Al-Faleh Hotel near the Alamalad Castle; the modern Saf Hotel amid the wild landscapes south of town; or the slick National Park Hotel, Baljurashi, farther down the road.
  • Where to eat
    Try Fifth Season for sizzling seafood platters; Signature for fresh raw fruit juices; Backyard Cafe for local dishes and Arabic coffee, which is perfect for warming up during a winter getaway; and 65 Burger for American-style burgers and fried chicken.
  • Where to have fun
    A drive along King Fahd’s Mountain Pass serves up some of the best views in Al Baha, including scenic villages and deep valleys. For a glimpse of old Al Baha, tour the region’s ancient gold mining sites before camping under the stars in the lush Raghadan Forest Park.
  • Rent a car
    Theeb, iYelo, Budget and Europcar all have branches in Al Baha, making it easy to navigate the winding roads and wild nature around the city.
  • Learn more
    MyTrip’s tours include visits to the marble village of Dhee Ayn and Raghadan Forest Park, while GoZahid also includes trips through Al Baha city and Zee Al Ayn Historical Village. Alternatively, Bondai’s 4WD trips feature a hike up Shada Mountain.

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