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A Family Weekend at Epic Al Baha

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Tucked amidst craggy peaks, Al Baha will pander to your wanderlust with its perfect combination of nature’s bounty, historical landmarks, and outdoor escapades. 





Explore The Marble Village of Dhee Ayn

The ancient village of Dhee Ayn earned the moniker ‘Marble Village’ due to the white rocky outcrop that it sits atop. Traverse through the historic village that seemingly rises from the midst of a banana plantation; whilst occasionally coming across freshwater springs that perhaps impelled the town’s original settlers to inhabit the place.


Wend Your Way Through the Raghadan Forest

The sprawling Raghadan Forest is one of the biggest attractions in the city that will lure you with its verdant environs, play areas for the little ones, and plentiful views of the dramatic landscape that Al Baha is famous for. The winding road near the forest will lead you to a spot favored by locals for its beautiful vistas that offer a precipitous view of the valley below.


Order Takeout Al Baha’s Oldest Restaurants

Ful with tameez - the quintessential comfort food that’s found in almost every neighborhood across the country. However, the one served at Ful Khalofah in Al Baha deserves special mention. One of the oldest functioning restaurants in the region, the aromatic ful, and crusty hot tameez has been luring the old and young alike, be it for breakfast or dinner.




Breathe in Crisp Mountain Air at The Khairah Forest Park

Al Baha is important for its diverse vegetation, and one of the best places to see its endemic flora is at Khairah Forest Park. Located about a half an hour drive northwest of Al Baha, the scenic route to the forest alone is well worth the trip. You may also be treated to a waterfall in the park if you visit it right after a downpour.


Buy Souvenirs at The Historic Souq

Situated right at the heart of the city, the small but historic souq is where you’ll be able to buy souvenirs, paraphernalia, local handicrafts, and a few antiquities as well.


Try Camel Meat

The quality of camel meat alters by the breed, cut, and even age. A time-tested favorite is the meat of young camels, especially in Al Baha’s Hashi Basha. Try their Kabsa Hashi for an out of the ordinary experience.

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