Call of the Wild: Camp Your Way Through Al Baha

Call of the Wild: Camp Your Way Through Al Baha

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Al Baha is one of the best places in the kingdom for camping lovers with its dense forests, high mountains, pleasant weather, and starlit skies.

Al Baha’s rains can be sporadic. It is advisable to pack an extra tarp and ponchos. Avoid valley floors as they are prone to flooding. Check the local supermarkets along the highway if you feel short of supplies.


Khairah Forest Park

Arguably the most popular campsite in Al Baha with its bewildering biodiversity and night views under the starry Arabian sky.

Ragadhan Forest

A family-friendly camping spot, it is the kind of place the reignites your passion for nature situated mere kilometers from Al Baha’s city center.

Al Malad Dam

The sequestered Malad Dam, located on the fringes of Al Baha, is a must visit for campers seeking hidden gems. The large body of water at the dam makes it perfect for bird spotting, too!

Shada Mountain

This isolated mountain brings in a quiet that is only -and rarely- interrupted by passing cars. It is ideal for wild camping with its striking scenery of jagged cliffs and deep precipices filling the horizon. Scramble over the rocks until you find that perfect spot to encamp!

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