Dhee Ayn Dhee Ayn

Dhee Ayn - A Historic Village Like No Other

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The historic village of Dhee Ayn, widely known as the Marble Village, is a misnomer of sorts owing to the rocky hill it sits upon.

Make your way down the zigzag winding road from Al Baha, and enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the Sarawat Mountain range leading to the 400-year-old village.

Visitors are greeted with dense vegetation, including banana plantations, palm trees, and native flora, which contrasts the barren mountains encircling the area. This owes to the fresh water spring near the base of the hill, hence the name Dhee Ayn (Of Spring).

It is speculated that the aforementioned spring is the reason the area was inhabited in the first place. Stroll through the area and explore its past life through its markets, houses, and alleyways. Climb your way up the hill for a look at the unique ornate doors and multi-storied houses built of stone.

Get a panoramic view, and take photos as well, of the dramatic escarpment and oasis below.

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