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The Historic Villages of Al Baha

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Known for its friendly locals, master crafts, and unique architecture, Al Baha is a great destination for culture trippers and history enthusiasts. One of the best ways to get started is by visiting the remains of AlBaha’s ancient settlements – this will provide you with a glimpse into how tribes built the city we now see today. 

Bani Saar Village

Located north of Al Baha, in the village of Bani Saar, stands the historical landmark, Bin Rakosh Palace. Built in 1825, the palace is the oldest mansion and features five huge houses, the tribe’s council hall, a mosque, a water well, and three courtyards and has a horse stable and school attached to it.

Dhee Ain Village Dhee Ain Village

Dhee Ain Village 

With its stoned multi-story houses hewn on top of a mountain, the timeless village of Dhee Ayn; also known as the Marble Village, is truly a unique heritage site. Nestled in the scenic surroundings of banana, basil, lemon and palm trees, this village is home to many architectural marvels – it has a truly picture-postcard appeal. 

Algehad Village 

This ancient encamp consists of narrow streets, breathtaking cornfields, and stone houses, serving as a constant reminder of its past. Some of the restored structures of the beautiful stone architecture have been transformed into museums that host collections of antiques and heritage wares from its original dwellers. Located on the way to Taif, the old village of Algehad is steeped in history dating back 1000 years, with its tombstones, monuments, forts and heritage facades. 

AlKhalaf and AlKhalif Historic Villages AlKhalaf and AlKhalif Historic Villages

AlKhalaf and AlKhalif Historic Villages 

Approximately four kilometers north of the Qilwah governorate in Al Baha, the ancient villages of Al-Khalaf and Al-Khalif are located beside one another. Containing archeological gems and inscriptions, these two villages have been restored to preserve the heritage and traditional architectural aesthetics of the Asir region. Numerous ancient Islamic inscriptions with verses from the Holy Quran and supplications can be found on the basalt stones. 

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