An Adventurer's Paradise: The AlUla Experience

An Adventurer's Paradise: The AlUla Experience

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Visitors to AlUla have several adventurous options when it comes to witnessing the beauty of this national treasure. From mountain climbing routes, dune buggy experiences, hikes and more, AlUla is all your adventure dreams in one place.

  • The Adventure Trail

    The Adventure Trail

    AlUla is home to an array of canyons and mountains, that make for a wonderful scenery. Head to the Adventure Trail and discover its rugged landscapes, terrains of different volcanic rocks and ancient basaltic flows, soft sands and hundreds of petroglyphs on the cliffs and rock faces dating back to the Dadanite and Lihyanite periods. The Adventure trail in AlUla is sure to please the beginners and the more advanced hikers alike.

  • Cycling Trail

    Cycling Trail

    The 14km Cycling Trail, is a spectacular path offering adventure pedaling through AlUla's incredibly picturesque sandstone mountains. From exhilarating downhill slopes to riding through tricky sandy tracks, these trails are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

  • AlUla Oasis View Trail

    AlUla Oasis View Trail

    Hike up to Alfath mountain peak to catch an unforgettable view of AlUla oasis, with millions of palm trees below you.

  • Stargazing


    AlUla is a fantastic place for stargazing. At AlGharameel, you can enjoy a traditional bedouin set-up, with an expert guide on hand to tell you about the stars and constellations, and how they relate to AlUla’s culture and history.

  • The Hidden Valley Hike

    The Hidden Valley Hike

    Experience a secluded 4km night hike that will make you feel the wonder and peacefulness of the Arabian desert. Shadows upon the canyons flow as if they were clouds moving through the sky; it is a chance to connect with nature and return to a simpler time.