An Adventurer's Paradise: The AlUla Experience

An Adventurer's Paradise: The AlUla Experience

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Visitors to AlUla have several adventurous options when it comes to witnessing the beauty of this national treasure. From mountain climbing routes, dune buggy experiences, hikes and more, AlUla is all your adventure dreams in one place.

  • Hiking at Madakhil Trail

    Hiking at Madakhil Trail

    AlUla is home to an alignment of canyons and mountains, that make for a wonderful scenery. Head to the Madakhil Hiking Trail and discover its rugged landscapes, terrains of different volcanic rocks and ancient basaltic flows, soft sands and hundreds of petroglyphs on the cliffs and rock faces dating back to the Dadanite and Lihyanite periods, the hiking trails of AlUla are sure to please the beginners and the more advanced hikers.

  • Memorable biking experience!

    Memorable biking experience!

    The newly built Bike Park in AlUla is built with both low impact as well as high energy adventure trails that are suitable for all types of fitness levels.

    Another 14 km long spectacular path gives you a dose of mountain biking adventure pedaling through AlUla's incredibly picturesque sandstone mountains. From heart-pumping downhill slopes to riding through tricky sandy tracks, these trails are sure to push the adrenal glands into an overdrive.

  • Live the equestrian dream

    Live the equestrian dream

    Ride along an incredible desert landscape surrounded by distant mountains, towering canyons and verdant oasis. AlUla is a spectacular setting for an unforgettable horse-riding safari.

  • Dash through the dunes

    Dash through the dunes

    The dunes of AlUla await visitors for the best adrenaline rush experience.  Ride one of the powerful buggies over the dunes and relish the exhilarating buggy tour.

  • Zipline Over the Harrat Mountain

    Zipline Over the Harrat Mountain

    A newly opened zipline that stretches across the Harrat Mountain featuring the basalt rock formations, may be the ultimate new adrenaline-packed experience. Whizz through the air and take in the splendor of this natural wonder from a birds-eye view.

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Travel Responsibly

Travel Responsibly

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