The Intrepid Mother's Guide to AlUla The Intrepid Mother's Guide to AlUla

Thrills and Savvy Retreats

The Intrepid Mother's Guide to AlUla

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Known historically as a place for relaxation, what better way to unwind than by booking a self-care trip to AlUla. From luxury eco-resorts to whimsical glamping, AlUla offers a variety of accommodations nestled amongst sandstone mountains and unique rock formations. Take your time tasting delicious dishes from the wide array of cafes and restaurants dotting AlUla Old Town, AlJadidah and the AlUla Oasis. Indulge in the beautiful nature and soak in the serene and peaceful surroundings.

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Oasis Trail
Oasis Trail Oasis Trail

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The Heritage Oasis Trail, from Dadan to the Orange Path, offers an extraordinary 3 km nature stroll through towering date palms, lush farms and historic mudbrick buildings. This beautiful trail is suitable for families and nature lovers of all ages.

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Old Town of AlUla
Old Town of AlUla Old Town of AlUla

The ancient maze of AlUla Old Town is characterised by its twisting alleyways and market stalls. Once a bustling stop on the famed Incense Trade Route, shopping for handmade pottery and local goods is still possible today. Then you can replenish yourself by grabbing a bite to eat or stopping for a quick cup of coffee or tea at one of the many restaurants and cafes.

Discover AlGharameel for a rare view of the milky way, free from light pollution. Millions of stars, visible without telescopes, are framed by these magnificent rock formations.