AlUla Oasis Landscape AlUla Oasis Landscape

I Spy: Welcome to the Valley of Imagination

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Sculpted during millions of years of erosion, chiseled by wind and water, AlUla is a trove of natural rock masterpieces that dot its fine sandy landscape. 

These charming spots are perfect for a geology scavenger hunt to keep the children engaged during the trip.

Find out more about AlUla rocks HERE.

  • Elephant Rock
    Elephant Rock (Jabal Al Fil) Elephant Rock (Jabal Al Fil)

    Elephant Rock (Jabal AlFil)

    Elephant Rock is a majestic natural monolithic sandstone arch that resembles an elephant with a long trunk.

  • Jar Rock
    Jar Rock Jar Rock

    Jar Rock

    Standing just opposite to the Elephant Rock, the jar-shaped opening of the mountain is a perfect spot for spectacular views of the valley below.

  • Face Rock
    Face Rock Face Rock

    Face Rock

    Amongst the tombs Hegra built by skilled masons of the past, the Face Rock is nature’s own fascinating carving shaped by erosion along the rock’s surface. The Face Rock can be found next to Jabal Al Ahmar.

  • Dancing Rocks
    Dancing Rocks Dancing Rocks

    Dancing Rocks

    On a 45 minute drive from the Ashar Valley towards the Raggasat Valley, you can spot the three extremely tall natural pillars, famed as the Dancing Rocks.

  • Al Gharameel
    Al Gharameel Al Gharameel


    An area with mystical rock formations, AlGharameel features dark-colored straight pillars that add a stellar aesthetic alluring stargazing view with its kaleidoscopic spark. Over here, tiny pieces of quartz can also be seen scattered on the sandy ground.

  • The Arch
    The Arch The Arch

    The Arch

    The stunning geography of the area also includes a natural colossal quartz-studded arch, also dubbed as the Rainbow Rock, which is found around 90 minutes from AlUla.