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Exploring AlUla

A city in the Medina region

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Walk Through History Virtually

“It’s just incredible what’s there,” says Daniel Ponzo, an Italian-Swiss expat based in Jeddah and the managing director of Zahid Travel Group. “It’s a living museum. I’ve been there a few times, and what you see in terms of color of the rocks, color of the sand, shape of the rocks — it’s just unique. It’s one of the ultimate beauties of the world.”

Once a major trade hub along the ancient Incense Route connecting the Arabian Peninsula with the Mediterranean countries, the vast 22,000-square-kilometer territory is a lasting reminder of the kingdom’s pre-Islamic history: The Nabataean civilization — which also built the remarkable city of Petra in Jordan — left behind 111 immaculately preserved tombs carved into the sandstone rocks at Hegra. Best of all, “You don’t see the crowds you see at other heritage sites,” Ponzo says. “You feel that you are living this experience alone.”

What to visit

When in AlUla, Go and See

  • AlUla Historical Sites:

    Hegra, AlUla Old Town, Dadan and Jabal Ikmah


    The wind-swept expanses of AlUla are a true living museum spanning hundreds of years of Arabian history. A fascinating destination to visit year-round, explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra, wander the historic alleyways of AlUla Old Town, discover the ancient capital of Dadan and see the “open library” of inscriptions at Jabal Ikmah.

    You can book your tickets here: AlUla Experiences.

  • Jabal AlFil, or Elephant Rock
    Jabal AlFil, or Elephant Rock

    Outdoor Adventures in AlUla

    Breathtaking nature, exhilarating adventure experiences and impossibly starry skies make AlUla an unbeatable destination to enjoy the outdoors. From hiking to cycling, there are many trails and tours to explore the untouched beauty. For the thrill-seekers, AlUla’s Adventure Hub has just what you’re looking for. With some of the most remote skies on earth, don’t miss out on stargazing at  AlGharameel.

    Learn More: Experiences and Outdoor Adventures in AlUla | The World's Masterpiece

Travel Tips

  • Where to Stay

    From luxury eco-resorts and hotels to off-the-beaten-path glamping experiences, AlUla has a wide array of accommodations to choose from. Be surrounded by stunning red and amber hues of the rocky mountains and reconnect with nature. Take a dip in refreshing pools and relish in AlUla’s history as a place of rest and respite for travelers on the ancient Incense Route.

  • Where to Eat

    AlUla’s culinary experiences are as diverse as its history. From unique dining concept pop-ups and high-end fusion restaurants to celebrated local cuisine and on-the-go bites, there’s something for everyone. AlUla Old Town hosts a variety of cafes and restaurants, while AlJadidah bustles with food trucks, a vegan cafe and delicious dining options overlooking the AlUla Oasis.

  • What to Do

    From uncovering ancient history at the majestic heritage sites and soaking in the peace and quiet of the breathtaking natural landscapes to seeking out exhilarating adventures and discovering the thriving art scene, AlUla truly has something for everyone. Come and explore this amazing city and see for yourself why we call AlUla The World’s Masterpiece.

Caravan by Habitas

Experience the wonder and whimsy of glamping in luxury Airstream RVs, surrounded by stunning mountain views and clear, star-studded skies.

Habitas AlUla

Habitas AlUla

The stark contrast of the red hued canyon backdrop and the pool deck at Habitas AlUla create an incredible ambiance for a refreshing swim.

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