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Coast-side Kashtah

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The Eastern Province is filled with great camping weather during winter, which is perfect for breezy afternoons. All you need is some packed snacks, pitched tents, and a grill to barbecue your best-marinated meals. If you are looking for the best spots to unwind and relax in the wilderness, here are a few of the best Kashtah campsites.

Asfar lake Asfar lake

Asfar lake 

Translating to the yellow lake, Asfar lake is an excellent spot to camp. The destination is further along the city and is accessible by a 4x4 vehicle. The drive is definitely worth it as this place is a great to set up camp, and spend the night amidst the lake's beautiful landscape.


Makan Camp Makan Camp

Makan Camp

Makan camp is an already setup campsite located in Dammam’s vast desert. The main feature of this destination is that it also has a lot of organized activities, like dune- bashing, sand surfing, and much more. Head here for a fun trip, where tents are already pitched, making for a perfectly easy and breezy camping experience.

Uqair Beach Uqair Beach

Uqair Beach

Uqair beach is one of the largest and historically rich beaches in the Eastern Province. Situated in Hofuf, this beach is one of the go-to camping spots for families and groups of friends. Make sure to bring all the equipment, camping essentials, and personal necessities with.

Bader Desert Camp Site Bader Desert Camp Site

Bader Desert Camp Site

If you want to experience camping alfresco, without roughing it, try Bader Camp Site. Close to the Eastern dunes, this desert-scape is equipped with all the necessities you would require to have fun. It is an excellent spot to have fun with your family.