Regions of Saudi Arabia: Eastern Province

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Saudi Regions: The Eastern Province

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Explore the History of the Eastern Province Region of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province stretches from the shallow shores of the Arabian Gulf through the palm-cloaked hills of Al Ahsa Oasis and deep into the forbidding plains of Rub’ Al Khali. Historically, its position at the crossroads of the great civilizations of the Levant, Mesopotamia and India made it a thriving trade hub. And while Aramco’s oil and gas activities constitute much of the region’s economic activity today, for centuries merchants used it as an inland route, bringing frankincense, incense and other goods from ancient Yemen toward the great empires.
  • Admire Natural Beauty in the Eastern Province

    Admire Natural Beauty in the Eastern Province

    Some of the Gulf region’s first human settlements can be found in Al Ahsa, home to one of the world’s largest oases and the region’s first UNESCO-listed city. Visitors will love Al Ahsa’s natural springs, clustered among more than 3 million date palm trees, and the beautifully preserved archaeological sites that capture the kingdom’s culture and traditions.

    Take time to experience the sublime views from Al Qarah Mountain, or take a guided tour of the maze of caverns and coves that weave through the cliffsides.

  • Discover Culture in the Eastern Province

    Discover Culture in the Eastern Province

    For more of an urban vibe, make a stop in the region’s anchor city, Dammam, or venture out to nearby Al Khobar. Visit the Sultan bin Abdulaziz Science & Technology Center (Scitech), where kids can take a virtual tour into space, explore the human body or enjoy a 3D IMAX screening. For downtime, stroll along the corniche or dabble in the waters at Half Moon Bay. For those wanting an off-road adventure, take a guided trip into the dramatic dunes of the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest continuous sand mass. End your day by watching the sunset over the shimmering plains for a truly magical experience. For even more culture — from street art to vintage museums — check out this guide to six places to visit in the Eastern Province.


What to visit

Cities of the Eastern Province

  • Saudi’s Eastern Province: Exploring Dammam

    Saudi’s Eastern Province: Exploring Dammam

    The capital of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, Dammam has tranquil views and a bustling infrastructure. Learn more about the city of Dammam here!

  • Exploring the Al Ahsa Oasis

    Exploring the Al Ahsa Oasis

    The Al Ahsa Oasis blends Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty with a rich, wonderful history that is completely unique to the region. Learn more about Al Ahsa here!