Al Balad Street Food Crawl

Al Balad Street Food Crawl

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The historic heart of Jeddah, Al Balad, will entice you to visit it time and again for its remarkable architecture and delectable street food, which make this magical place irresistible. We present you with a list of our favorite spots:


Naji AlHarbi

Famed for decades for its sumptuous kebabs. This joint is a feast for the senses. Enjoy your kebabs with a side of yogurt dip, delivered freshly from the kitchen to your table.

Hummus Am Jalal

A favorite spot since 1974! Seek out this hidden gem and try their unmatched creamy yet slightly crunchy hummus.

Al Maqliah Al Baladi

An evening magnet to seekers of fried fritters. The joint remained true to its popular menu, which made it a local favorite for decades.

Al Saidi Bakery

Sits in the heart of the historic area, next to landmarks such as Al Shafaei Mosque and Bait Al Naseef. People flock from far-flung places in the city especially for its delectable rusks. The bakery is said to be over 100 years old!

Ful Fatah

A popular pit-stop for visitors with its alfresco dining option. The joint is famed for its flatbread “tameez”, served with fava beans “ful” and a cup of piping hot tea - a combo that is a big hit on the menu. The restaurant is easily reachable as it is located on a major road in the historic area.

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