Al Jawharah Stadium Al Jawharah Stadium

The Most Exciting and Thrilling Sport Destination

Al Jawharah Stadium

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Located on the north side of King Abdul Aziz International Airport, King Abdullah Sports City has various stadiums and is just 19 minutes away from Jeddah Corniche Circuit. It is considered the second sports destination in Jeddah full of excitement and enthusiasm, and only two minutes away from "Jeddah Superdome," a wonderful opportunity to attend more than one event in a day.


King Abdullah Sports City hosted the most prominent international sports events, attracting many sports and thousands of fans interested in these extraordinary events, such as The first “WWE” Freestyle Wrestling Championship and Dakar Rally in 2021. Here is where unparalleled adventures and many world concerts were held, which made it one of the most important entertainment destinations in Saudi Arabia.


Discover the beauty and brilliance of Al Jawharah


Located just 20 minutes from King Abdulaziz International Airport, King Abdullah International Stadium, or the so-called “Radiant Jewel”, is the largest stadium in Jeddah, and it regularly hosts the largest sporting events throughout the year, with more than 62 thousand viewers.

It is marked by the proximity of the stands to the field, and its interior is divided in a structured and professional manner into several sections: The first section of the stands can accommodate up to 24,000 viewers. The second section also takes 24,000 viewers, while the third section has 14,000 seats. It also has hundreds of accessible seats for spectators with disabilities and their companions.


Numerous Fields Full of Fun


The Sports City has three grass fields with the highest international standards, including a reserve stadium, on the grounds of which Women's Soccer League matches are held, and King Abdullah City Stadium. There is also a tennis court, meeting and conference halls, a reception lounge, a mosque, a sports academy, an advanced medical sports hospital, and a lounge for athlete gatherings.


Jeddah’s Local Football Teams


Jeddah is home to the most important, prestigious, and popular Saudi football teams: Al Ittihad and Al Ahli. Fans of both teams can visit the official stores to buy their favorite players' shirts. The official Ittihad FC store is about 30 minutes away from the stadium, while Al Ahli is just 23 minutes away.




Tickets are sold electronically via the official ticket agency, “Makani Platform," which is one of Saudi Post’s projects. Tickets are categorized according to groups of families or individuals, and prices vary according to the selected category.