Places in Jeddah that open 24/7 Places in Jeddah that open 24/7

Places in Jeddah that open 24/7

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Great places to hangout and good coffee shops


Jeddah is better known as the city that never sleeps, as many activities continue throughout the night. The bustling city of Jeddah is always willing to welcome visitors with all what it has to offer. It is a city that resumes the fun day and night, from sunrise on its beaches until nightfall.

Services and facilities are available to visitors at any hour of the day or night. There are many places that provide different services over a twenty-four-hour period and range from shopping, food supplies, restaurants, specialty cafés and sport centers.

The most delicious food at anytime


With a great range of outstanding restaurants in Jeddah that offer a 24-hour service, visitors can choose from a wide variety of local and international options that are widely available around the city.

The 24-hour restaurants include Khayal restaurant in Al Zahra district, where authenticity and hospitality meet with luxury. This restaurant specializes in classical, Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine, and famous for having the best-experienced chefs. The menu contains various dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is widely known to the people of the city for its outstanding food preparation and quality of services.

Fast food restaurants also offer 24-hour services, and their multiple branches are spread throughout Jeddah, in addition to providing delivery services via their electronic applications.

Coffee and Company


If visitors are looking for restaurants and cafés to meet up with friends, then Emaar Square is a great and perfect option. The center is open 24-hours on weekends, and has the finest restaurants and cafes. In addition to its prestigious location and luxurious architecture, it also has an interactive water fountain that is surrounded by restaurant and café seating areas, so visitors can spend quality time with family and friends.

In Emaar Square, there are a number of places that visitors prefer to go to, including: Makan Cafe, where quality meets indulgence. It is known for offering visitors a variety of best quality food and drink, and on certain occasions, it hosts a number of local artists where visitors enjoy delightful and beautiful nights listening to authentic Arabic melodies.

Another favorite place for visitors and locals is Cafe Bene, as it offers a great menu of specialty coffee, cold drinks, a range of delicious desserts with a twist, as well as special and nourishing breakfast options. Its refreshing open-air seating areas in front of the interactive fountain make the moments spent there even happier and more joyful.

In Jeddah Town Square, you can enjoy the finest coffee drinks and the best baked pastries at Coffee Makers cafe. This charming place blends serenity and luxury. It is an ideal destination for coffee enthusiasts and cake lovers with its local and traditional variety of desserts, such as their famous date cake, millet cake, carrot cake, basbousa, and many others.

Among the amazing and famous cafes in Jeddah is Baristas Café, which serves delicious snacks as well as cold and hot drinks. There are individual stools overlooking the street outside for private fun moments. MA Café is located in Al Andalus district and it has its own modern and unique bakery which makes the best pastries and bread. Its interiors make you feel comfortable and they also have spacious outdoor seating areas.

The Beach at Night


Jeddah is characterized by a modern - day waterfront. Along the waterfront are a variety of cafes, snack restaurants and ice cream kiosks, all of which open 24 hours a day. It offers sea-lined seating areas, so visitors can enjoy watching the sunset moments on the Red Sea coast at a glamorous and charming sight.

Shopping at Night


Shopping malls attract visitors throughout the year. They are the most convenient places for families, with a diversity of brands, a high quality of products and modern design interiors. Thus, they are packed day and night.

Among these malls is Jeddah Boulevard in Al Shati district, and is considered one of the most beautiful and modern centers in Jeddah. It is marked by its contemporary interiors with green plants scattered along its halls, as well as its spacious exteriors filled with small gardens and fountains, giving the place a special charm.

Supermarkets are also available, such as: Manuel, a shopping center that provides diverse food products, personal items, and household essentials, it has a number of branches scattered around Jeddah's neighborhoods. There is also Al Danube with multiple branches around Jeddah and offer a variety of products, and is characterized by its own bakery that makes the finest and most delicious pastries.

Sporting Activities


Sport and entertainment centers are the number 1 family favorite destination, such as: Koora Arena, where visitors can have unlimited fun in private and indoor stadiums equipped with the highest safety measures.