Jeddah Boulevard Jeddah Boulevard

Jeddah Boulevard

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Jeddah Boulevard The Perfect Shopping and Entertainment Destination


Don’t miss out on one of the latest architectural beauties of the city, Jeddah Boulevard. A mesmerizing magnificence and captivating design that extends along a vast area of Al-Shati neighborhood. The large selection of specialty high-end local and international brands makes it an ideal place for a lavish shopping experience and guarantees you the best coffee experience.

Brilliant Design and Elegance


Opened in 2015AD, Jeddah Boulevard became the bustling centre of the city, as one of the most vibrant all-in-one shopping destinations. It elaborated the concept of luxury and shopping together in one pleasurable experience. Indeed, it houses a vast selection of superb prestigious brands, the finest international restaurants, and several prominent famous cafes.

Known for its modern and innovative design, Jeddah Boulevard, which extends along a vast area of Al-Shati neighbourhood, is the perfect destination for visitors. The Boulevard is divided into three lively avenues where corridors are surrounded with green plants and the spacious areas are decorated with water fountains and ponds. The centre operates from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening.

Top Designer Brands


Fashion lovers won’t resist Jeddah Boulevard, as the high-end brands in the fashion world are on display right at facade. Enjoy a unique and unparalleled shopping experience with the top house names in the fashion industry like Prada, Gucci, Armani Junior, Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Jimmy Choo, and Dunhill.

Dining in an extraordinary ambiance


Jeddah Boulevard offers a wide range of the finest international restaurants, that offer luxurious indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the marvelous outstanding Boulevard, from different cuisines and diverse menus prepared by the most skilled international chefs.

Karam Beirut, where luxury meets the delicious oriental authenticity, is one of the restaurants in Jeddah Boulevard. Have a remarkable experience in this Lebanese restaurant, from one pm until twelve am, dinning on the oriental dishes, from main courses, sides, to desserts, in a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere.

Novikov Restaurant is a great choice for Asian food lovers. It offers the most appetizing Asian dishes prepared by specialized chefs in Asian cuisine. Pay it a visit at the south facade of the Boulevard, from seven in the evening until twelve in the night.

Another Asian restaurant located on the south facade of the Boulevard is Baco. This restaurant has a modern and simplistic oriental design. The working hours are from one pm till one am. 

The delightful experience of sipping fine coffee


Visitors of Jeddah Boulevard will find a broad selection of fine cafes that match the luxurious design of the place. Those scattered cafes all over the Boulevard take great care in their seating, food and drink menu, and the general ambiance of their places to offer the best times for their visitors.

Dots Donut is a bakery in Jeddah Boulevard that offers freshly secret recipe store-baked donuts finished with innovative toppings, in addition to cold and hot beverages. The shop opens from eight in the morning until one after midnight.