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lodging is one of the unforgettable memorable experiences, the choice of residence is as essential as the travel itinerary. Jeddah offers a vast variety of budget hotels with prices that range from 260 riyals to 660 riyals per night. 

Shada Hotel


Shada embodies the Saudi Southern heritage of its owners in everything, starting with the southern welcome phrase painted on one of its walls (Marhaba Alf)- a thousand welcomes- the cardamom scent-infused reception aroma of the Saudi coffee to the heritage-inspired décor of the place.

It is a place where art intersects with all décors, for example, the pillowcases are engraved with Sadu, and many more to discover.  The hotel has two branches one in Al-Salama neighborhood and the other in Al-Shati neighborhood, both of which are in close proximity to the most prominent landmarks of Jeddah, such as King Abdulaziz International Airport, Redsea Mall and Arab Mall.

Shada Al-Salama hotel offers queen as well as heritage twin to studio rooms, whereas in Shada Al-Shati hotel you will also find king, twin, and executive rooms with a view. Shada offers many customizable services to meet the guest's needs; Such as gymnasiums for both genders, a small pharmacy, a cinema room, a game room and a ‘Raha’ service for snacks, cold and hot beverages.

Boudl Apartment Hotels


For a contemporary homelike feel, Boudl Apartment Hotels has four branches scattered around the city in the most vibrant areas in Jeddah: Tahlia Street, Palestine, Quraish and Hira.

The Hira branch is 6 km away from the waterfront, while the Tahlia branch is distinctively located in an area famous for international brands and restaurants, and its proximity to the Al Hamra Corniche. Haifa Mall is 5 km away from the Palestine Branch. However, if you wish to experience what it’s like to live in one of Jeddah's residential neighborhoods, close to Al Yamama Walk; The Quraish branch is your most suited place.