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Cruise Trips

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Cruises into the Blue


Enjoy the experience of cruise tours in the Red Sea, starting your trip at the shores of Sharm Obhur, which is best known for its great cruises. Tours continue on their trips within the Jeddah Secretariat Marina 24 hours/day, and their boats vary in size and capacity of up to 18 people, and you can choose the time and type of music that suits you, and enjoy a unique experience.


Cruises into the Blue Cruises into the Blue

A Journey with a lot of Fun Options


You can think of the lunch or dinner you're going to have on your joyful journey, or gaining a wonderful tanning experience if you like direct sun exposure. Whether you choose to board a medium-sized boat or a yacht, that's enough for a delightful celebration. You should relive the experience at different times during the day, as the journey gets calmer and more romantic at night, in the morning, you will be able to see the Red Sea Horizon. And you'll be lucky if you catch a fish or two or watch it swim under your boat.


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