Al Khayyat Center    Al Khayyat Center

Al Khayyat Center


Located near AlNuwat roundabout along Prince Mohammed bin Abdul-Aziz Street, Al Khayyat center is one of Jeddah's largest high-end shopping destinations. With its most famous fashion and luxury jewelry brands, it is 6 minutes from the Ritz Carlton Hotel and 7 minutes from the Alhamra Cornish.

Jeddah's First Destination for International Brand Lovers


The center consists of two sections. You will experience the fun of shopping in the world's finest brands in Al Khayyat Center where you can visit stores that offer the latest fashion. There's Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and you will also find Emporio Armani, which is specialized in men's clothing. The second section will satisfy jewelry and accessory lovers and it is represented in Louis Vuitton, Dior, Miu Miu, and David Morris. The center also has state-of-the-art shoe and bag varieties in Tod’s, Burberry, Fendi, and Tory Burch.

Jeddah's First Destination for International Brand Lovers Jeddah's First Destination for International Brand Lovers

Elegant Touches for you


The Center has a beauty salon, "Malda Al Khayyat," which is of a lavish nature and provides a variety of services with all the skin, hair and nail care for women.

Al Khayyat Center 2 includes a unique collection of Jeddah’s beauty salons, "Jamalouki” and "Bouthaina" are among the oldest in Jeddah and still maintain their high status in providing professional service, as well as “Relook” and “Eve’s Avenue”.

Malda Al Khayyat Malda Al Khayyat

Enjoy the Finest Food and Beverages


If you want to take a break from shopping, you have to head to Al Khayyat Center 2, as you'll find a number of cafes that are known for serving the finest coffee. Sculpture cafe is famous for its French toast and flat white, while Caffeine Lab is characterized by the production of excellent quality coffee beans. There is also 95 Celsius which offers special varieties for breakfast.

One of Jeddah's most prestigious restaurants is Diora's which is an excellent option for dinner, but it requires pre-booking to enjoy a luxurious and classic atmosphere, and to taste the most unique Mediterranean dishes.

Enjoy the Finest Food and Beverages Enjoy the Finest Food and Beverages

Discover Saudi Boutiques


In Al Khayyat you will find a collection of the best-known local boutiques. "Amani Al Habshi - Memen," features a variety of Saudi Abaya designs, and “AG Ain Ghain” is a Saudi brand with a range of watches and sunglasses, as well as an excellent gift-buying option.

Concept stores are scattered around the center; they sell selected products that carefully suit the atmosphere, such as: Makeen and Level, which provide perfect seating for coffee and cold drinks.

Fashion designer Amani Al-Habashi (Maymen) Fashion designer Amani Al-Habashi (Maymen)