Fine Dining in Jeddah Fine Dining in Jeddah

Fine Dining in Jeddah

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The experience of having a unique meal at a fancy restaurant is an unforgettable journey that comes with great expectations. The experience is not limited to the luxurious interiors and design of the restaurant, but extends to higher quality of food, a more elegant atmosphere and different methods for food serving. You can expect to see famous chefs and staff with a higher level of training and expertise.

What is the exceptional restaurant for your perfect night out?

While informal dining options abound in Jeddah, a number of restaurants offer a top-class fine dining experience. One extraordinary option is Myazu, a fancy restaurant to which many elegant Asian and seafood lovers come to. With its decorative table designs along with seasonal dishes on the menu, all this gives the place a charming ambiance for a memorable dinner night.

Fine Dining in Jeddah Fine Dining in Jeddah

More Asian Food Options


Close to many other tourist attractions in the vibrant Boulevard area, Baco offers a high-end dining experience. It is also an excellent way to celebrate a special event or to simply unwind and relax after a long day of exploring the beautiful city. The restaurant offers a variety of exquisite Asian dishes with a twist of international styles, as well as a variety of other famous dishes. Baco is well-known for being the best tacos in town.

The famous Japanese restaurant, Benihana, is just 13 km from Baco and is located in the center of the upscale streets of Muhammadiyah district. In this restaurant, you can enjoy the true taste of recipes from Bangkok and Thailand; and the charm of Asian flavors extends to Toki, a high-end Chinese restaurant. The restaurant offers weekend celebrations and parties. It doesn’t get any better than this!

World Cultures Await You


From the heart of Venice to the center of Jeddah, San Carlo is at the top of the luxury restaurant -review sites. It is best known for its delicious small-plate dishes and its famous pasta. The restaurant reinterprets Italy's exciting Venetian culinary habits, with the best fresh seasonal ingredients obtained from markets in Milan. The restaurant is set in sophisticated yet relaxing interiors using light grey Italian marble that gives this place a pleasant ambiance.