Fishing in Jeddah Fishing in Jeddah

Fishing in Jeddah

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Fishing in Jeddah


Regardless of whether you’re setting sail to fish inside the sea waters, casting rods on the beach docks, or finding secret fishing locations, fishing is a popular traditional hobby in coastal cities like Jeddah. Fishing enthusiasts know the thrill of making bait, picking up the hook, and the moment of finally getting a catch… nothing beats that moment.

Trips full of fun


You can organize individual or group trips to go sailing and fishing at "Captain Mako Boats and Fishing Supplies’ website or pay them a visit at their store at Obhur Al Shamaliyah. 

Also, you can rent a boat out of Obhur Al Shamaliyah from  “Red Sea Adventures”, which offers boat and fishing trips for a wonderful mixture of activities.

These options set you up with fishing supplies, night lighting, and marine equipment.  In fact, you can customize the amount of equipment to your suited comfort before sailing. 


Solo Exploration


Before setting off on a great fishing adventure, we suggest you visit these sites:

●      The "Black Hook" store, popular for its proximity to various fishing sites, is one of the most prominent stores specialized in fishing supplies.

●      There is a chain of fishing specialized shops near the Northern Corniche heading to Obhur Al Shamaliah, and near Marsa Al Ahlam, north of Jeddah. Enjoy fishing and remember the Fishing Regulations in Saudi Arabia, such as the prohibition of using firearms and nets, and capturing marine mammals such as Dugongs and dolphins, in addition to shrimp, sea cucumbers, crabs, Coral trout fish, and leopard coral grouper during the ban seasons.


Prepare to have a good catch


Salman Gulf

A quiet shore away from the hustle of the city. Visitors come here to swim and fish in any of its three locations, which are: “Hosh Al-Jallab”, “Hosh Al-Masry” and “Hosh Al-Ghamra”. You can enjoy the best quiet times and catch a lot of Coral trout as they swim in the nearby shallow waters.

Sharm Obhur

We must warn you! Your breath will be taken away by the gorgeous scenery of the deep transparent waters, a see-through to the colorful coral life underneath. There is diverse marine life with different choices of fish, such as grouper, Arab fish, and sardines. It is a frequently visited site by fishermen.

Northern Corniche

Heading back to the Corniche, you will find two excellent fishing spots available at all times, the Pier and a fishing platform, about 9 km apart, surrounded by the Corniche with great hiking options.

Southern Corniche

Here, you will definitely come across many fishermen casting their rods near the large rocks on the sidewalks. Take your seat and gear to this good spot, as it is close to the city and its shops. You might encounter many large fish there, such as the great white shark, Spinner shark, or Barracuda.

Dhahban area

It is about 20 km from Jeddah and is considered one of the most beautiful and quiet hiking areas in the north of Jeddah that attract a lot of fishermen. There is an abundance of Parrot Fish, which is most preferred for grilling.