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Iceland amusement centre

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Fun Surprises at Snow City


Enjoy ice skating at the first snow city in Jeddah. The amusement center is not just for ice skating but hosts a variety of entertainment options such as billiards, bowling, karting, trampoline, and arcades.

Exceptional Offers for Everyone


Iceland has created a variety of entertainment offers for families, individuals, schools and birthday parties. With each offer, you get ice skating pass for more than 25 people, decorations and free speakers for the party.  

A variety of options awaits you


There are many fun options to choose from aside from ice skating. Karting competitions are held with state-of-the-art karting cars on the largest air-conditioned rink for car racing, covering an area of 5,000 m2. You can enjoy hopping on the large exciting trampoline. There are other fun experiences at the large 450 m2 football field, which is indoors, air-conditioned and surrounded by a fence of shockproof protective glass.


You can book your experience through the Iceland website