International cuisines in Jeddah International cuisines in Jeddah

International cuisines in Jeddah

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You can indulge in cuisines from all around the globe right here in the marvelous coastal city of Jeddah.  The locals have a distinctive taste in food, which turned the city into a desired destination for international food chains, offering a variety of delicious American, Asian, Indian, Italian, and Mexican dishes.

From East Asia to the Red Sea Coast From East Asia to the Red Sea Coast

From East Asia to the Red Sea Coast

Wakame Lounge Restaurant

located on King Abdulaziz Road, the dark wooden decorated Wakame Lounge offers authentic Japanese food with a variety of the most delicious types of "sushi", "sashimi" and "ramen"


Gold Sushi Club Restaurant

Inspired by the traditional shop fronts of Tokyo, Gold Sushi Club is distinctively decorated with lanterns and hand-written shop signs, serving a variety of Japanese delicacies.


Sakura Restaurant

Sakura Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Al Hamra Corniche Road. It is a luxurious destination for authentic Japanese food lovers. It allows guests to savor dishes on the menu, such as lobster rolls, "sushi" and caviar.


American style shrimp

If you fancy some shrimp, do not miss a chance to taste the Louisiana-style shrimp at the Shrimp Zone restaurant. Put on your gloves and get messy devouring the butter and Cajun or lemon shrimps with a side of steamed rice and sweet corn. The restaurant offers a range of mouth-watering shellfish options such as oysters, calamari, lobster, and crab.


The Yemeni Village

Yemeni cuisine is a key component of Jeddah’s food scene. Until recently, though, it was mainly served from small, backstreet restaurants, or as takeaway. The Yemeni Village, with its three-floor restaurant – designed to look like a traditional Yemeni clay house – has brought it into the mainstream. Choose from the menu’s many maghash dishes, which are meat-based and cooked in a traditional stone pot; or spicy, shakshouka eggs. We recommend the fahsa – slow-cooked marinated meat that’s buttery and tender. All orders are served with malawah-style buttery layered bread. As for dessert, try the deliciously calorific marsa, which is a mix of bananas, dried bread, honey, and cream. And then head straight for the gym.

Burger Burger

The best choices for meat and burger lovers

Uncle Khalil’s BBQ

The large menu in Uncle Khalil’s BBQ offers a wide range of smoked meats and steaks, such as brisket, and smoked chicken wings, as well as premium meats, such as black Angus ribs, or you, can choose from the delicious burger menu.


Section-B restaurant

Section-B restaurant ‎ guarantees a unique tasteful experience for its visitors. It serves delicious classic cheeseburgers with an option of mushroom sauce, ‎and crispy or buffalo chicken burgers topped with your option of extra beef bacon or caramelized onions. ‎


Chef's Burger

Enjoy tasteful American-style burgers and dishes at Chef's Burger, which offers steak and brisket burgers, as well as smoked brisket, ribs, and cheeks.

Nature inspired dishes Nature inspired dishes

Nature-inspired dishes

Moon Shell

Characterized by intimacy and comfort, the designs of Moon Shell restaurant are inspired by nature. The menu includes dishes rich in colours and flavours, such as granola with several options, and oatmeal dishes decorated with fruits and chocolate, as well as smoothies and hot beverages.


Poké Ball Restaurant

The modern designed colourful restaurant of Poké Ball serves Hawaiian poke dishes. It is a vibrant haven for vegetarians as well as healthy and seafood lovers. Served in an innovative way, the dishes are made from a combination of multiple choices of rice, sushi, or vegetables.  

Lebanese and Italian cuisine fusion Lebanese and Italian cuisine fusion

Lebanese and Italian cuisine fusion

Dar Zaid Restaurant

Food lovers have a chance to combine a luxury dinner experience while spending an evening in a unique destination at Dar Zaid restaurant. Not only can you enjoy a delicious blend of famous Italian and Lebanese dishes, but you can end your meal with a scrumptious assortment of cakes right from the restaurant’s bakery. You can sit inside or enjoy the open air in outdoor seating.  



Agafi Restaurant is known for its distinct lively location and its stunning panoramic view of the city of Jeddah. It also serves Lebanese and Italian dishes, such as appetizing grills, pasta, salads, and fresh juices.


Caffe Aroma

Overlooking Al Hamra Corniche, Caffe Aroma has freshly made diverse Italian dishes. It is one of the most famous and long-standing restaurants in Jeddah.


Latin flavors at Fire Grill

Fire Grill offers an unexpected dining experience of Latin-inspired dishes. The menu features a variety of specialties such as “Baja California Shrimp Taco”, “Tacos” and many more.



When eating out in Jeddah, few restaurants have a view to rival Qamreya’s, a Lebanese-style restaurant located on the rooftop of an eight-floor building with stunning views over Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz (Tahlia) street. Whether it’s a cup of coffee at breakfast, or dinner accompanied by live music, Qamreya doesn’t disappoint. Lebanese cuisine is characterized mostly by its mezze and starters and you’ll find an abundant hot and cold selection on offer here. Eat these with the sublime bread, which is baked on-site in a traditional Lebanese clay oven. Make sure you sample the grilled meats, which come served on a sizzling hot plate. Weekend evenings are particularly busy, with live music and a throng of diners.

Tastes from the Indian Culture Tastes from the Indian Culture

Tastes from the Indian Culture

Shezan Restaurant

Relish on the most delicious Indian-inspired dishes at Shezan Restaurant, where you’ll find the authentic traditional taste.


Baba Khan Restaurant

For a unique experience from the heart of the Indian street in downtown Jeddah, visit Baba Khan Restaurant, which offers an exceptional menu at affordable prices.


Nan Restaurant

Taste traditional Indian dishes like curry and tandoor at the traditional, with a modern twist, Naan Indian Restaurant.

Dine by the sea Dine by the sea

Dine by the sea

Angelina Restaurant

Angelina restaurant is ideally located at the Waterfront with a stunning exceptional view of the Red Sea. The French restaurant offers a variety of savory dishes as well as an assortment of baked French goods and desserts.


Blue Ocean Restaurant

Located in Fakieh Aquarium overlooking the Red Sea waters, Blue Ocean Restaurant is described as one of the most magnificent places in Jeddah. It offers a diverse variety of American dishes. 

Start your day with these flavors Start your day with these flavors

Start your day with these flavors

Siblings Restaurant

Siblings Restaurant is the go-to place for breakfast, delicious food, and coffee with friends. It serves a variety of egg dishes and classic breakfasts inspired by Arab and American cuisine.


The Social Kitchen Restaurant

Savor on the scrumptious innovative Italian rich flavored dishes of The Social Kitchen. There is also an adjacent bakery to the restaurant open during the restaurant's opening hours.


The Cheesecake Factory

We recommend that you visit The Cheesecake Factory restaurant during the day to feast your eyes on the reflection of sunlight on the magnificent décor. It offers a diverse menu of more than 250 freshly made delicious dishes and cheesecakes in different flavors, such as strawberry, pistachio, white chocolate truffle, raspberry, and lemon.