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Cinemas with Colourful Corridors That Take you to Exciting Worlds


Going to the movies is one of the special entertaining experiences that let you relive the story events in wonderful audio and visual display. You can savor a selection of scrumptious dishes in the waiting halls or inside the movie theatre.


The Largest Cinema Chain in Jeddah


Saudi Arabia’s first truly local cinema brand, “Muvi Cinema” offers, with the latest technologies, a unique experience to set the tone for a joyful experience shared with family and friends. It is the only cinema chain that has numerous branches throughout Jeddah from north to south, and from west to east. ‎A luxurious cinematic experience awaits at Atelier La Vie Suites with its 4 Screens and 200 seats, a comfortable elegant lounge, a menu that satisfies every craving, and an ideal location just 9 minutes away from the Waterfront. Mall of Arabia cinema is located at the second floor (Gate 5) of the mall, which is only 10 minutes away from the international airport. This venue contains 15 cinema rooms with different types of experiences, including Suites and Muvi junior. Watch blockbuster movies while enjoying the best cinematic experience out there. Muvi Cinema is also located at Aziz Mall at the second floor (Gate 5), home of the largest screen Muvi has, to live an experience like no other with your favorite movies. AlYasmeen Mall has 9 large screens with more than 1300 seats. All you have to do is choose the movie, buy the popcorn and enjoy the movie in a fantastic place. Equipped with the best visual technologies and speakers inside 9 cinema rooms, Haifa Mall Muvi branch is only 11 minutes away from Historic Jeddah.


Ticket Savers at AMC Cinema


Star Avenues AMC Cinema branch offers discounted tickets, 20 Saudi Riyals off, during the day, from Sunday through Thursday starting 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. You will enjoy the unique “4 DX” experience in Empire Cinema at Al Andalus Mall, where you will feel the rain, fog, and wind, in a stimulating scented experience. Hold on to your seat and let the sensational shows take you out of this world.


Discover the “Premium” Experience


Discover the premium lounge at Cinepolis Cinemas at University Plaza, with flexible seats and wide legroom. The Junior Kids Room offers 20 minutes of playtime before the movie, and 15 minutes during movie intermission.