Jeddah Local Cuisine Jeddah Local Cuisine

Jeddah Local Cuisine

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Jeddah Local Cuisine


Due to its geographical status and the commercial movement, Jeddah surprises its visitors with the various dimensions of flavors it has to offer. Jeddah has become a popular eatery that is associated with the culture of the region and a major part of its household tables.  

Treasures of the Red Sea await you


You'll be able to taste the best food if you’re trying to limit your carbon footprint and become a more sustainable traveler. This coastal city is a paradise for seafood lovers, where travelers always flow to taste the most famous seafood such as najil, hamour, hareed, and saijan. Twina’s restaurant is your best option for eating the finest seafood.

Taste lies in the history of local food


In Jeddah, you will be able to experience very high quality food that can't be found in other cities, as it is known for integrating world cultures into cooking. There are many unique options for breakfast. Here you can try the “tateemah” and it doesn’t get more authentic than having it in: Stita restaurant as well as Maqadeer restaurant. You should not miss trying out the famous “tamees bread” and “foul with ghee” in their traditional way in several restaurants offering it with unique and modern recipes such as: Ful 21, Tamees09, Meez and Taibat Al Hijaz.

Optimal Reflection of International Dishes


If you've ever tried bread pudding somewhere around the world, you should try “masoub” in Abu Zaid, one of the oldest Saudi restaurants that specialize in traditional masoub and mutabbag.