Jeddah’s Top Restaurants for Local Cravings

Jeddah’s Top Restaurants for Local Cravings

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Indulge in the multicultural flavors of Hejazi cuisine paired with a local flair and hospitality unique to the port city in these traditional restaurants:



Local comfort food but want it modern? Maqadeer is the place to go. From truly traditional dishes such as saleeq, aish bellaham, and kabli rice to modernized dishes like kafta edam and bechamel, this family-owned restaurant is adorned with a fusion of contemporary and authentic Hejazi decorations. Serving appetizers, fresh juices, and desserts galore, Maqadeer has it all covered.

Phone: +966-544831950

Instagram: @maqadeerres


This fish restaurant is the go-to suggestion by any local Jeddah resident for some of the best seafood. From siyadiah, madoos, and seniah humar, their dishes are prepared using the finest local fish from the Red Sea: najil, sejan, and more. Although Twina is famous for its traditional Hejazi aquatic cuisine, it’s specialties, whether local or international, know no bounds.

Phone: 9200 28284


Taibat Al Hijaz

While Taibat Al Hijaz serves delicious meals all day long, its specialty lies within its Hejazi breakfast platters, which include shakshuka, kebdah, and masoub. Of course, the star of the show is their selection of motabag and ful, which reflects the diverse ways the traditional dishes are served. With four popular branches, the restaurant has been operating for over 30 years, making it an unofficial local favorite.

Phone: +966-12-6061474

Abu Zaid

A gateway for all things Saudi, Abu Zaid serves traditional hejazi food, offering some of the best masoob in Jeddah due to the many different flavors. Moreover, their take on motabag may be controversial, but also delicious; innovating upon the traditional meat and vegetable fillings, they experiment with tuna, chicken, cheese, and olives. A great place for breakfast, Abu Zaid was founded, and expanded, to provide affordable and delicious food to everyone. With over 19 locations, don’t miss out!

Phone: 920003670

Website: abuzaidrest


Ful 21

Traditional Arabic food with a contemporary twist, Ful 21 is a casual, family friendly, and cozy dine-in spot. With a lot of sunlight entering the space, this restaurant is the hippest outpost for a traditional Saudi meal. With their own stone oven to cook fresh bread, home-cooked kebda sizzling in front of you, and mouthwatering arika, mgalgal, fatta kawarie, and saleeq, Ful 21 offers Hejazi soul food in a modern setting. 

Phone: +966-562202121


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