Le Prestige Mall Le Prestige Mall

Le Prestige Mall


Le Prestige Mall is one of the most beautiful luxurious destinations in Jeddah. This spectacularly designed large mall is the perfect choice for wandering around its indoor vast spaces, sipping specialty coffee, and feasting on the most delicious international extravagant restaurants. 


Excellent and luxurious location


Le Prestige Mall is located in Al Shati district on King Abdul Aziz branch road. The working hours are from nine in the morning until eleven at night. It was specifically designed to be a unique luxurious destination. You will be dazzled with its marvelous classic architecture, glass engraved ceiling domes, charming specious indoor marble floors, and plants-filled paths.  


Unique Diverse Flavours


Dining in Le Prestige Mall is a remarkable experience of diverse international cuisines- from Eastern to Western cuisines. In unique luxurious and elegant décor, visitors can choose from indoor airconditioned seating to outdoor open-air seating.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover the secrets of the Brazilian cuisine with delicious authentic dishes at the Brasa de Brasil Restaurant. The menu offers a selection of grilled Brazilian ‎ meats.

Enjoy the richness of the charming tropical nature at pongo restaurant, which serves a variety of dishes from international cuisines prepared by skilled chefs, inside the tropically inspired high-spirited restaurant.

All the way from southern Europe comes the authentic Italian taste at L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, in a wonderful Italian ambiance filled with the sounds of the accordion, the aroma of delicious Italian baked goods, and a varied menu of Italian cuisine. If you are looking for exclusive innovative dishes, you will look no further than Tomillo by Sama Restaurant by the leading culinary art chef Sama Gad. The chef cooks unparalleled innovative dishes and recipes found on its menu.

The Smoke House Restaurant provides a worthwhile unique tasting experience for barbecued and smoked meats lovers. Here you will taste the best Texas-style smoked recipes. On the other end, specifically the Middle Eastern cuisine, VAY VAY VAY Mr: Gurkan specializes in eastern innovative grills. 


Enjoy sipping on the delicious beans


Le Prestige Mall includes several cafe options. A visit to the famous American Urth Café at the northern gate is a must for a good choice for coffee and a quiet time with family and friends. Alternatively, the innovatively designed  Esquires offers indoor and outdoor seating and premium varieties of light bites and drinks.

One of the great choices comes from the prestigious German chain La Luna Café which specializes in the most delicious desserts and drinks in an upscale setting. Instead, you can check out the famous C.hub café and roastery freshly roasts beans and serves specialty coffee to the highest standards asides from the fancy dessert menu prepared by expert chefs.

If you want to taste a delectable assortment of desserts and beverages in a quiet peaceful luxurious ambiance, then M A N G I A is the place for you. However, if you wish to taste the authentic Arabic Karak drink and tasty chapati pastry, head to Karak n Chapati for different varieties of chapati fillings and Karak flavors to choose from in a brilliant Arabic vibe.

One of the well-known wonderfully elegantly designed cafes is key cafe. The café has many branches inside Jeddah. It specializes in baked goods and hot and cold beverages. On the southern side of Le Prestige Mall, you will find the famous Café Bateel, which offers a special selection of delicious recipes with distinct flavors inside a warm and upscale place for an ideal experience.


A variety of stores at your service


Le Prestige Mall offers a massive variety of stores in all categories. For a mouth-watering selection of the finest made chocolates, there is the French chocolate store Jeff De Bruges, in addition to two other chocolate specialized stores: Patchi and Aani and Dani.

Abdusamad AlQurashi is one of the most famous local oud and perfume shops and is found in the mall. If you are thirsty for some juice, you can have a seat in the comfortable noiseless seating at Signature and taste the best juice mixtures.