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Be part of the family, immerse yourself in the local culture

Local Accommodations


Once you’ve arrived in Jeddah, you can easily blend in with the locals from different cultures and backstories, a necessary experience to fully explore this spectacular costal city. Simply, book a small fully furnished room prepared with love near the sea through one of the homestays booking applications, such as Gather in.

In addition to messaging your host to meet up, companies like Hihome are making it easier than ever for visitors to connect with Saudi locals through experiences such as eating and cooking in locals’ homes. Nourah A. Alsadoun, the company’s founder, says she was inspired by her own travels to countries such as Cuba and Colombia, where she had the opportunity to meet locals by going to their farms and trying their coffee. When she returned to Saudi, she noticed the diversity across the country, in everything from food to clothes. “But we do have one thing in common, which is that we love to host at our homes,” she says. So, Alsadoun decided to turn hosting into a business, not just in her home but across Saudi.

“I found that people were amazed, especially expats,” she says. “They loved this family atmosphere, going into the home and learning about the family and culture. You don’t get that if you go to a museum or restaurant,” Alsadoun says. “Everyone from Riyadh to Hail to Jeddah has their own story.” 

Gatherin Gatherin

Affordable Price


Perhaps your upcoming room in Jeddah will be in a large house of a local resident. Hence, you get a perfect room at budget prices, with free tour guides!

Local Accommodations Local Accommodations

Lovely Stories around the Dining Table


In these homes, constructed according to the highest certified safety standards, of genuine, delightful, fluent English locals, you will taste the most delicious feasts listening to the most interesting stories. The people of Jeddah have a reputation of being cheerful and open to other cultures. You will, no doubt, encounter many who share your interests and even resemble you. It might be a chance to learn some of the Arabic words.

Local Accommodations Local Accommodations

Endless Options


Local residents usually choose the most vibrant neighborhoods situated near the most desired destinations. Thus, when you choose to stay at a Saudi home, you will enjoy the best features; complete immersion in the local culture and being in a location that is just minutes away from the most famous local and international restaurants as well as a large variety of local parks and shopping malls.