Local Drinks Local Drinks

A unique range of drinks that you won't taste anywhere else in the world

Local Drinks

The charm of local drinks


We recommend that you add more fun to your trip, by trying the local drinks of Jeddah, where you will find an exquisite variety of drinks that will taste like nothing you’ve ever tried. It's the special way the locals in Hijaz developed to express their love of life and very friendly gatherings. These drinks vary in color, consistency and ingredients in an effort to match the diversity of cultures within this great city.  

Exotic malt drink


Subia is the most famous traditional beverage in Jeddah, which is made with malt and very special ingredients. It is a sweet, cold, summer drink that has a distinctive velvety texture. The way you prepare it extends for days, and it's served either in ruby red or faint white. It is considered the spirit drink of this city; it's irresistible and will be reason enough to repeat your visit to Jeddah. Come try it at Alkhudari Subia.

Warm milk drinks Warm milk drinks

Warm milk drinks


Milk here is treated as special as precious jewelry. It is added to hot drinks; and specifically, it's an essential ingredient in the warmest and most cozy drinks. Yes! That's certainly what you'll have when you try the famous Sahlab made with sugar, hot milk, cardamom, and crushed nuts. Don't miss trying it at Barnes cafe.

If your trip to Jeddah coincides with the Hijri New Year, you must be lucky enough to taste the amazing milk drink served at that time of year, called, "almond coffee". The drink is associated with an incredible legend that says when you drink a cup of this secret mixture, you will spend the best year of your life, a very “white” year with no tragedies ahead of you. It is served among Saudi families and it could be found at popular cafes scattered in Historical Jeddah, Al-Balad.

Tamarind Juice Tamarind Juice

Tamarind Juice


You should try this very sweet and very sour juice that is made with tamarind which tastes so tangy. Most people in Jeddah either like or hate it. You'll hesitate and wonder yourself.  It is worth trying in all its contradictions, preferably with ice during a day stroll around Jeddah. You can try it as well as other local juice options at Juice World.