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The most extravagant hotels


Discover the accommodation journey of experiencing the luxurious range of hotels in Jeddah. While each has its unique culture and features, they all offer you a priceless experience.

A closer view of the sunset


The extravagant hotels near the Waterfront redefine luxury. Known for their hospitality and scrupulousness, the famous hotels line up on Jeddah Corniche Road. Jeddah Hilton Hotel, one of the long-standing hotels in the services and hospitality domain, has a direct view of Jeddah Waterfront and the coast. Located just 600M away from the Waterfront, the Sheraton Jeddah Hotel overlooks the beach and the northern Corniche promenade.

Elaborate details you won’t find elsewhere


The success of a hotel stay relies on sustaining the level of services offered without the need to demand them. As such, the Ritz-Carlton hotel, with an exclusive view of Al Hamra Corniche and King Fahd Fountain, is one of the hotels known to be authentically and luxuriously oriented toward the guest services with lavish high ceilings and a large number of rooms. If you seek, however, an unprecedented personal rich experience, Hyatt Park Jeddah Hotel, which has the closest view of the King Fahd Fountain, is one of the most extravagant recreational choices with excellent services.

An Experience Beyond Expectations


Luxury can typically mean special attention to detail, surprisingly pleasant services, amazing views, exceptionally friendly hospitality, or even an ideal location right in the heart of the city. Both Hotel Galleria Jeddah and Assila Hotel are located in the center of Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Street, on the most luxurious bustling streets that hosts everything from shopping malls, jewelry boutiques, to lavish cafes and global restaurants