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The meat here is anything but traditional

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Experience meat the local way


Jeddah's cuisine can be considered as one of the world's most diverse cuisines in concepts and cooking methods and techniques. Meat here is not traditional at all. There is more than one way to cook meat, as it is considered a staple in Jeddah's Hijazi cooking culture. You can have it in a number of ways, each reflecting the culture of a particular region. Over the years, people have shared their own ways of developing techniques of cooking meat and serving it.

Meat on Stone


The method of cooking meat on a stone is referred to as Madh’bi, and it is one of the well-known staples in Saudi culture. You can ask an expert chef to help you prepare it as you will experience this method while enjoying the dish outdoors on an unforgettable road trip. You can try it at Asl Almadh’bi restaurant.

Meat with Herbs


For this dish, we will rely a lot on nature. This method of meat preparation is known as Alhaneeth. It's prepared by covering the meat with a wild plant known as Markh, and cooked in an iron pot referred to as Mifa, or in a sandpit that is specifically dug to cook it. The extraordinary taste of flavors will sure impress you and the final result is worth waiting for. You can enjoy it at Bilmarkh Restaurant.



This idea of cooking meat may seem unfamiliar to you at first, but it will result in one of the most impressive dishes. Mandi is a Saudi dish associated with joyful occasions. You will enjoy observing the way Mandi is prepared, where the main technique for preparing it is to cook meat in a Tannour, which is a special type of oven, or in a hollow hole underneath the ground, then covered by mud on all sides. You can try this dish at Alsaddah Restaurant.