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The link between the Bride of the Red Sea and neighboring civilizations has made it a masterpiece of the arts and a school for music and musicians, through which traditional styles emerged into the world. Senior singers’ melodies and chanting beamed in the world’s most prominent halls. The Bride of the Red Sea is famous for certain musical instruments such as the flute and lyre and its nights are still filled with art and the sound of music.

Jeddah Creating its Own Melodies


From the Hijazi coast, where Jeddah is located, the "Hijazi Notes" which are the basis and most ancient musical notes, spread throughout the Middle East in the work of great composers. This was marked by famous artists such as “Talal Maddah” and “Mohammed Abdu”. Others grew up in Jeddah attending various music schools, through which many folk and traditional themes were known, such as Almajroor, Alkhbaiti, Albahri, and Alyunbaawi.

The Extension of Hijazi Art


Many local artists presented the different Hijazi musical instruments in their songs, contributing to its extension to the Gulf countries and the world, including "The Oboe". This hard-to-forget world legacy is rendered into a folk dance accompanied by chants of heroism and pride. The Oboe is registered in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Organization, as it revived spectacular and memorable nights in Jeddah. You can watch the oboe being played by popular bands in selected locations such as Historical Jeddah.


Saudi Music in Jeddah and Places to Listen to it Live


The following centers and institutes welcome new generations of art lovers and visitors to the city in a continuous and inspiring art space:

Majlis Ziryab


Bait Ziryab” is a weekly music assembly in Historic Jeddah, in which Saudi artists republish classic songs and it also offers music courses.

Culture and Arts Association


The "Music Forum" is the first of its kind at the Culture and Arts Club to hold musical concerts, and it presents an exhibition of musical instruments and holds other events concerned with symbols of art.

Muse Center


Muse Center is a center that teaches playing different instruments and holds various singing and cultural evenings. The Culture and Arts Club organizes occasional evenings of "folk art groups," within malls and historical places like Old Jeddah.

Art in the Past and Present Times


Because arts are considered a window into the civilization of the people who lived in Jeddah, and because of the importance of the artistic and moral sense they convey, this motivated the city of Jeddah to take an interest in the history of singing,chanting, and the study of music.


The Past


The first school in Jeddah introduced theatre and music classes in 1960, by “Mohammad Fadda”, the former director of "Al-Thager Model School”.


The Present


There were certain nights when local art pioneers came together to participate in literary salons, such as: "The Art Salon," which was established in Jeddah by Saudi musician and poet “Jamil Mahmoud” in 1412H, as he still continues to contribute to the music industry to this day, with unique instruments and stunning performances that amaze visitors.