Art Galleries in Jeddah Art Galleries in Jeddah

Art Galleries in Jeddah

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In addition to the scenic views painted by the beautiful suns setting over the Red Sea, there are also other paintings through which artists aspire to spread the culture of beauty and the true value of art! These can be found in cultural centers and art galleries that exhibit works by Jeddah local artists, as well as from other cities in the Kingdom and the world. The sculpture museum in Jeddah has a special soothing vibe, as it is an open-air art gallery that is available 24 hours a day. Its cultural beauty is distinguished by the sculptures and artifacts that extend on its beaches and street roundabouts. 

ATHR gallery ATHR gallery

A trip to the world of contemporary art in ATHR gallery


If you want to enjoy a unique artistic experience through which you can see the contemporary art scene in the region at the hands of the most prominent Saudi and international artists, then your first destination should definitely be ATHR Gallery located in Sairafi Mall complex. In your first visit, you will feel the artistic spirit reflected by the cultural dialogue between contemporary artists around the world, through a multifunctional art space.

Athr Gallery includes an impressive list of Saudi artists, including: Ahmad Mater, a rising contemporary art star in Saudi Arabia, whose work was shown in the "Word as Art" exhibition at the British Museum and at the 2007 Sharjah Biennial. In addition, the Saudi artist Muhannad Shono, who has some of his works acquired by the British Museum in London and in the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington.


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Appreciation of art at the Saudi Center for Fine Arts


To learn about the artistic culture of the residents of Jeddah and know the nourishing source of arts behind it, it is necessary to visit the Saudi Center for Fine Arts. Satisfy your artistic curiosity by participating in one of the courses that the Center offers and engage with the artists and leaders of the Center. The courses include abstract arts, and oil paint for adults, while watercolor, glass, copper or fabric paint is offered for children. There is also ceramic and porcelain designing, decoupage on canvas, charcoal and pastel paint. These courses are held regularly throughout the year, to suit visitors’ schedules.


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 Art at Hafez Gallery  Art at Hafez Gallery

Saudi and Middle Eastern Art at Hafez Gallery


Located in the Northern suburb of AlRawda district, Hafez Gallery holds different works of well-known Saudi artists, and is definitely worth visiting. If you want to learn about the history of Saudi and Middle Eastern art, and see through it as it reflects the traditions of the Arab people, then head to Hafez Gallery. During your visit, do not forget to obtain one of the brochures that contain the most outstanding displayed pieces with descriptions of each one.


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Dar Safeya Binzagr Dar Safeya Binzagr

Learn about the history of Hijazi art at Dar Safeya Binzagr


Each one of the cities in the Kingdom has a distinct heritage character. If a visitor to Jeddah wants get acquainted with even the smallest detail of the Hijaz heritage and history, all they have to do is visit Dar Safeya Binzagr. The exhibition contains valuable heritage artifacts, some of which date back to more than a hundred years. Walk through its halls, you will see the most outstanding artistic details, such as clothing, tableware and furniture, the visitor will have a mental image of the nature of life in Old Jeddah.

The exhibition also contains the most outstanding art work of artist Safeya Binzagr, one of the first founders of the abstract art movement in Saudi Arabia, after which this exhibition is named. The gallery also reflects Saudi women’s prominent status in art from ancient to present time.

A visit to Dar Safeya Binzagr is not limited to seeing the displayed art pieces, but we recommend visitors from all over the world to visit the Dar’s library, as it is a cultural and artistic reference that tells the story of art in the Kingdom and the world in both Arabic and English. The library includes several sections: a children's library and a visual library that contains samples of the works of the most famous artists, and CDs of international museums and documentaries on the history of art in the world.

At the end of your visit, don't forget to visit the museum's gift shop, to buy a souvenir of the works of the artist Safeya Binzagr that are offered for sale, and to remember the brilliance of this city that you visited one day.


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Hisham Punjabi Studio Hisham Punjabi Studio

Hisham Punjabi Studio and Workshop, at Historic Jeddah


When visiting the historical area of Jeddah, Old Jeddah, be sure to visit Hisham Punjabi Studio and Workshop, which was founded by contemporary Saudi artist Hisham Punjabi, where he transformed one of Jeddah's ancient houses into an art academy, complete with modern paintings bearing the imprints of future generations.

You will definitely notice the diversity of paintings and artifacts displayed, from paintings of Arabian Stallions and canvases of modern art in the Kingdom, to distinctive works by Saudi and international artists.

A place to inspire the talented, at Adham Arts Center


The journey of exploring art galleries in Jeddah is not over yet. If you would like to visit a place that brings together more than one art gallery and holds works of artists from different art schools, then head to the Adham Art Center which will give you an experience like no other. The center also offers its visitors a series of artistic programs and creative projects, as well as a series of workshops and courses about recycled art. If you like one of the artworks on display, simply head over to the Gift Center to make your purchase right away.


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Nesma Art Gallery


During your cultural trip to explore the most prestigious places in Jeddah, do not miss the opportunity to visit Nesma Art Gallery, located in the Al-Rawda neighborhood. This gallery displays the works of the best abstract artists from Saudi Arabia and abroad, in addition to showing the works of the most talented photographers in various halls.

If you wish to experience drawing and explore your talents, we advise you to go to Nesma Art Gallery's studio and live this unique experience and you might discover your talent! The Studio provides all the necessary tools.