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Nestled on the north coastline of the city of Jeddah is the charming area of Obhur, overlooking the coast of Sharm Obhur. The area is one of the most beautiful and vibrant places in the city. Along its shores are many seaside resorts, recreational activities, cultural and sporting events, and many diverse shops. This incredible diversity of the place attracts visitors and locals constantly from all over, making it the most unique tourist destination in Jeddah.

Obhur is marked by its endless activity options, where visitors can rent a boat for a specific period of time, sail in Sharm Obhur, enjoy an amazing view of the coastline and surrounding resorts, or experience sunset meditation while watching and listening to the sea waves. Visitors can also go on adventure activities such as jet-skiing to enjoy an enthusiastic experience.


Discovering Sea Waters Discovering Sea Waters

Discovering Sea Waters


One of the most exciting activities in Obhur is sailing and diving deep into the sea, accompanied by professional trainers specialized in swimming and diving. Sharm Obhur is the ideal destination for divers, adventure enthusiasts and sea discoverers because of its amazing deep pristine waters, filled with lionfish and eels. In the deeper areas of the sea, unique creatures can be found such as the rare bull, and the clown fish better known as "Nemo". Visitors will surely have a one-off experience deep down the blue water and a sea adventure full of excitement.

Amazing nights at sea Amazing nights at sea

Amazing nights at sea


Visitors to Jeddah search all year round for tranquility, serenity and relaxation on the Red Sea Coast. Obhur is characterized by the beauty and variety of luxury resorts with all-inclusive services on its beaches. It has all the features needed for a luxurious and pleasant stay. It also has many recreational activities and outstanding events for all age groups, making this visit a memorable experience.


Visitors can enjoy glamorous, Greek-themed nights at the luxurious Oia resort, located on the west side of Sharm Obhur. Visitors will be baffled by the abundance of high-end services, with a water park and mini-gym, along with a kid’s club, a ladies’ pool and many other services.


Another famous landmark in Obhur beach is the family-friendly destination, Narcissus Obhur Resort and Spa, offering great fun moments, with private beach seating areas, as well as high-end villa services, like private and Jacuzzi pools.


Makarem Annakheel Village Resort is located in Northern Obhur and has complete luxury services, offering private villas and furnished apartments, a hotel with elegant guest rooms and suites, a yacht jetty, health clubs for men and women, a sandy beach for volleyball and a children's play area.


Sol Beach Resort features high-end villas and elegant chalets that offer a number of great food options through its numerous restaurants, as well as a spa and private guest pools. The resort also offers diving training lessons by professional diving instructors.


Noon Beach Resort is a ladies-only beach and is known for its luxury services, with a spa, private pools and other exceptional activities for all visitors.


Almurjan Resort, which is located in Northern Obhur, is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a little peace and quiet to escape daily life. It has spacious villas with glamorous sea views, many family and child-friendly activities, along with various restaurants and outdoor activities such as cycling and fishing.


Indigo Resort is the sun seeker’s favorite getaway who is looking for luxury beach services, as it features a superior private beach for guests full of all kinds of water sports, while Boho Beach Resort has the finest services, along with its stunning view and luxury design, making it an exceptional retreat destination for holiday-goers.