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Get to know the local stores in Jeddah

The perfect mixture of Saudi identity & innovation

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You will be astounded with the numerous diverse luxurious local stores when you visit Jeddah. It is one way of getting to know the culture of its residents as well as their innovative and creative brands, which reflect the Saudi authenticity and identity in local fashion, jewelry, home accessories, and French and oriental perfume manufacture.

Perhaps Jeddah’s biggest point of difference is its world-class designers and concept stores. Most of the malls feature Jeddah designers like Nora Al Shaikh, known for her strikingly modern architectural dresses, or Lillian Ismail, who handcrafts beautiful heritage-inspired jewelry. Designer Safiah Alaquil’s Badawiah brand sources fair-trade abayas, cover-ups and jewelry, with a portion of profits going to children’s charities. Cool concept stores include the bright Homegrown Market, a faintly hippie-ish love letter to Middle Eastern design, from linen kaftans and abayas to upcycled beach bags, local scented candles and whimsical art; and Crate, a warehouse-like space to support local independent makers, with products including slogan caps, hip shirwal trousers and cheeky Crate brand t-shirts by artist RexChouk. There are many more in a dynamic city bursting with ideas – and great places to shop.

Hub27.1 Boutique Hub27.1 Boutique

Hub27.1 Boutique


Boutique Hub27.1 is known for a selection of oriental perfumes and fashion clothes that reflects the Saudi identity along with high-end jewellery from carefully chosen local and international designers. Hence, the store showcases innovate and exclusive pieces not found anywhere else.

Homegrown Market Boutique Homegrown Market Boutique

Homegrown Market Boutique


Homegrown Market boutique is the go-to place for handcrafted items, where you will find around 150 fashion, makeup, furniture stores at very competitive prices. Opened in 2014, it is the oldest of the local boutique stores.

Makeen Space Boutique Makeen Space Boutique

Makeen Space Boutique


Makeen Space boutique, located inside Al Khayyat Center, have unique designs from local clothing brands and various innovative household items. There is also a small coffee and cold drinks corner café inside the boutique.

Jeddah Boutiques Jeddah Boutiques

Ruf Store Boutique


Ruf Store Boutique offers locally made skincare products, along with fragrances, stationery, jewellery, eco-friendly pieces, and an exclusive limited range of comfortable modern stylish accessories.

Jeddah Boutiques Jeddah Boutiques

Boutique 7


Boutique 7 brings together various local and international brands under one roof. In addition to its exclusive in-store alterations, Boutique 7 is a haven for fashionistas, and an ideal place to find the best and most sought-after brands.

Jeddah Boutiques Jeddah Boutiques

Maisondnch Boutique


One of the most famous boutiques in Jeddah, located in the Red Sea Mall, and the first Saudi niche perfume brand, Maisondnch Boutique is a luxurious unique destination to purchase distinctive souvenir from Jeddah.