Thuwal Thuwal

a small city with a pristine coastline


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Just 80 km north of Jeddah, you will find the most breath-taking Red Sea coasts and a variety of exciting marine activities. This small city has one of the best spectacular sand beaches. Here, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, the largest platinum LEED campus in the world, holds festivals and events from time to time.

Enjoy the exclusive nature


Thuwal beach is one of the favoured tourist destinations. It offers many activities for everyone; families and singles. Rescue teams and guards are deployed along the coastline to ensure the safety of everyone. You can take strolls between the palm trees walking path or jog on the sand beach. Going back to its crystalline pure waves for a swim or enjoying water activities is always tempting. 


Amazing times at Fishermen's Marina


From the famous boat marina, you can choose your next great journey. Enjoy fishing the Leopard coral grouper, or sail to see the amazing marine environment. You an also experience diving using one of the 180 well-equipped boats, for an amazing sea tour. We guarantee you unforgettable times.

Get a cosier feel of the place


We recommend you try a family picnic in its largest fish market, Thuwal Central Market. In there, you can have all kinds of fresh Red Sea fish at your table. There are restaurants to prepare your favourite picks of delicious seafood meals.


Other outings


Thuwal Civilization Park host various entertainment options for families and individuals. The kid’s playground is especially enjoyable. The surrounding restaurants are delightful and highly rated, such as: Al Sayed Restaurants, Barracuda Restaurant, and Al Mandi Restaurant. The nearby green broad landscapes are perfect for mediation, outdoor sports, cycling or strolling in the lovely walking trails. When the weather is mild, check out the football field inside the park and join in the lively free play.