The Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Jeddah The Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Jeddah

The Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Jeddah

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Good coffee cannot be overlooked in Saudi Arabia, as it is intertwined with every cultural value. In Jeddah, the coffee and roastery community is witnessing unprecedented professionalism and a continued growth. The professional delivery points do not compensate for the great atmosphere of the cafés and its wonderful gathering.

Jeddah Cafes Jeddah Cafes

Where to get the best coffee in Jeddah


From innovative beverages and excellent-quality American coffee to the best Italian espresso, we'll rank cafes based on their visitor reviews.

Jeddah Cafes Jeddah Cafes

Broots (Café and Cocoa)


Broots Café in Al-Nahda district is unique in serving chocolate-based beverages and products, and its freshly baked pastries have very high and positive reviews. These include: vegan banana cakes and gluten-free chocolate cakes. The café has that African feel which is reflected on its wall decorations; you can sit back and enjoy the delight of mixing flavors in your coffee, such as: lavender coffee and hazelnut latte. The coffee is strong and you will be spoiled for choice when reading their specialty menu.

Jeddah Cafes Jeddah Cafes

Hemi Cafe and Roastery


With a vast area and quiet modern décor, Hemi Café overlooks a street that is only 13 minutes to Jeddah Waterfront. The sun rays enter from all sides, giving it a warm feel. It is suitable for conducting business and small meetings. It ranks among the coffee shops that serve excellent-quality coffee, as their own roaster monitors the degree of precision of roasting coffee beans. They have a special corner that shows their products for the sole purpose of enjoying the same coffee at home.

Jeddah Cafes Jeddah Cafes

CAF Cafe


Located in Al Shati district is the well-known CAF Café. With its lively vibe and modern style, it serves very innovative drinks and balanced coffee on which all lovers of classic coffee agree. It is also marked by its delicious catering options for small occasions.

Jeddah Cafes Jeddah Cafes

Medd Cafe & Roastery


Medd Café & Roastery is one of the most famous specialty coffee roasters, and has a reputation for having the most loyal customers! It features a comprehensive coffee community with all the preparations you may want or need to make your own coffee. It also has many great options for all kinds of coffee. One of its most famous branches is located in Historic Jeddah, Al-Balad with its vintage style and décor; you can grab a cup of coffee and sip it in the outdoor seating area and enjoy their delicious pastries. A warm and pleasant feeling will accompany you on each visit to one of its branches.

Cup & Couch Cup & Couch

Cup & Couch


For a more cozy and intimate atmosphere, you should visit Cup&Couch Café. Their freshly baked goods, great coffee and other kinds of sweets and pastries deserve to be on your list. It is located in Central Jeddah, and has very friendly staff.

Caffeine Lab Caffeine Lab

Caffeine Lab


When you walk into Caffeine Lab in Al-Andalus district, you will be surprised by its modern Italian ambiance. The coffee they serve will definitely brighten your mood. It has an extensive list of light breakfast options, expertly prepared sandwiches and innovative salads. The cafe has a small shop that sells coffee machines, milk substitutes, and other specialty products.

Jeddah Cafes Jeddah Cafes

C Hub


C Hub Café is set to become the reward of your day; its menu is full of the best carefully selected breakfast options or low-fat meals, while maintaining excellent coffee that will always be among your favorites. Try their ice cream and fresh cold drinks on one of their outdoor seating areas.

Jeddah Cafes Jeddah Cafes

Camel Step


Located in Al-Nahda district, Camel Step Café is more than a coffee shop; it is an integrated coffee establishment. With its concrete walls and abstract wooden surfaces with open spaces, it reflects relaxation and a fine taste for coffee lovers. We have no doubt that you will be stumped by the quality of their coffee, their delicious baked goods and their corner dedicated to selling all kinds of specialty coffee, coffee tools and accessories.