A taste of the city’s coffee culture

Top Specialty Cafes in Jeddah

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Saudi Arabia has always been fond of coffee, whether it’s the traditional Qahwa (Saudi coffee), or the classic Cup of joe. Jeddah has taken that love for a brew and turned it into a local experience. You’re likely to find the places recommended below, packed with people all day, and on weekends, all night long. These spots will give you a taste of, not just the local roasts, but the Jeddawi cafe culture the city has become known for: 

Bafarat Café


The first thing you will notice when you walk through Bafarat’s doors is the aroma of freshly ground beans and spices. Initially, a spice vendor, Bafarat has become one of the leading cafes in the Kingdom. The interior itself is stunning, from its parquet floors to its ceramic countertops, the clean look of Bafarat only works to highlight the star of the show: it's coffee. They have been perfecting their craft for 60 years, and the effort shows.

Cup & Couch 


It’s all in the name, Cup & Couch is where you want to relax with a nice cup of coffee made just for you. They emphasize their friendliness above all else, something you can tell as soon as you walk through their doors. Whether you’re looking for friendly conversation, or a board game night (they have countless games to choose from), Cup & Couch is the place for you.

Brew 92 


To discuss specialty coffee without mentioning Brew 92 would be an injustice to both. Importing their coffee from around the world, Brew 92 caters to its customers’ specific tastes. This is accomplished by highlighting specific coffee flavor profiles for guests to choose from. The café’s cozy interior and relaxed ambiance makes it one of the go-to spots for Jeddawis. There are a handful of branches to choose from, but the most popular is in the Khalidiya district.

Café Magad


Slightly more unorthodox, Magad blends modern specialty coffee with traditional Arabic coffee. The interior makes you feel as though you’re in a classic Jeddah house Magad makes even the outsider feel like home with its cozy and homely atmosphere. Taking pride in Jeddah’s cultural heritage, Magad’s home in Old Jeddah is a testament to coffee’s importance in the city.

Caffefine Lab


Rustic meets modern in this staple Jeddah cafe. Caffeine Lab imports its coffee from around the world and regularly hosts workshops for coffee enthusiasts and baristas wanting to learn more about their passion. With expertly trained latte artists finely crafting your cappuccino, this Tahlia-based coffee shop offers all sorts of delicious snacks and beverages for you to enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere.



Boho is as known for its stylish interior as it is for its mouth-watering food and coffee. Specializing in breakfast and pastries, Boho's selection is world-class. Their drinks--from hot and cold coffee to juices galore--are made from the finest ingredients. Perhaps most unique is Boho's commitment to the arts, regularly hosting performances by local musicians.

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