The Best Family Summer-Activities in Jeddah The Best Family Summer-Activities in Jeddah

The Best Family Summer-Activities in Jeddah

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Take advantage of the Summer season and celebrate its sunny days with your family in Jeddah; the same way the locals do! You will find many incredible and fun-filled experiences waiting for you, suitable for all members of your family, from cruises, entertainment centers, and amusement parks, to gardens and public parks.                 

Cool your Summer with water Sports


You can make your summer in Jeddah an unforgettable experience, by including water parks in your itinerary, so that you can enjoy the finest summer activities. Take your family to the waterfront, specifically to the beach, as it has the best water sports on the West coast. It offers water activities for adults and children such as inflatable boats, water slides, and climbing poles, in addition to relaxation seats in the shade for families.

If you prefer to have more water space to enjoy more water rides, then come to visit the Water Village, which is one of the ideal destinations to spend a refreshing summer with the family, as it includes a number of various water rides, such as water slides, water tunnels, wave pools, and waterfalls. In addition, it has restaurants that serve fast food, which brings more joy and fun to visitors. If you want to see the wonders of the sea and learn about marine life up close, you must visit Fakieh Aquarium, a huge aquarium and entertainment center that has dolphin and penguin shows in an air-conditioned indoor hall.

More Excitement and Enjoyment


Enjoy your time with your family in the most fun and exciting places, as Jeddah encompasses many distinguished destinations for exciting activities. Jump Up, the largest family entertainment center, has many activities and adventures, such as a trampoline, climbing walls, virtual reality games, football, and volleyball fields. Bounce Center also has a trampoline room, and challenging games suitable for all ages. There are many destinations similar to these activities in Jeddah, such as Skyzone, a multi-branch center, as well as IN10SO Center.

Head to experience an exciting type of adventure at the Maze Box, a maze and escape room center for challenge lovers and puzzle solvers, or visit the GameOver Center, which also has challenge games and escape rooms. You can also race against time in the maze of the Escape Hotel in a semi-realistic adventure.

Theme Parks for a Summer like No Other!


The theme parks in Jeddah are diverse and are scattered everywhere near visitors, as they are the most preferable and loved destination for all family members.

Don't miss Jeddah's most exciting gaming centers and spend the best and happiest time with your family. Join the fun and visit Atallah Happy Land Park, which is a thrilling park that includes many rides and activities such as arcade games, a bowling alley, ice skating and climbing walls, horse rides, as well as restaurants, and fast food trucks.

Share the fun with your family on summer days and be sure to visit the amusing Al Shallal Amusement Park, a large park facing the Corniche in the Al Shati neighborhood. It includes power-driven fun rides suitable for all age groups, It also offers many incredible performances and shows for its visitors.

Various Activities


You will be able to see the most beautiful scenes in the sky of the Bride of the Red Sea by flying with Western Sky Aviation, which is an aviation institute, that offers enjoyable flights with certified trainers. You can go on a plane tour, take breathtaking photos or participate in flight training programs of all kinds. The institute also offers an air balloon experience, where you can enjoy flying it.

We invite you to experience and try the most popular local activity; fishing on Jeddah beaches. Jeddah's beaches are hard without fishing enthusiasts. Head to one of the destinations that offer fishing trips, and live a great experience with family and friends.