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Jeddah’s Museum

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Another great way to observe the beauty of the Red Sea coast is to visit Jeddah’s museums. After wandering around Jeddah’s alleys, discovering its magnificent areas, and enjoying the exclusive water activities, don’t miss out on your travel back in time in Jeddah. You’ll have a chance to witness the full glory of the past, present, and future of Jeddah.

Enjoy some of the best arts in the world


Bait Nassif, that once was resided by King Abdulaziz AlSaud in 1925AD, has been transformed into a museum and a cultural center for the Kingdom’s history. You can walk the same hallways that at times hosted many ambassadors and see pictures that capture many stories.  The museum is located in one of UNESCO's world heritage sites, Al-Balad area. 

House of Jeddah and Our Good Days


One of the ancient houses in Jeddah has been renovated to what is now called House of Jeddah and Our Good Days museum. It has wonderfully preserved all its belonging as if it was a time capsule for Al-Balad ‎area. Although it shares the same place and time period of Bait Nassif, yet it distinctly ‎preserved more of its social belongings. On your family tour, you can show your kids ‎the “gramophone” musical device, old canned food and coins, and the first versions ‎of the popular soft drink.‎‏ ‏

Tayebat Museum


Located in the Al Faisaliyah district, Tayebat Museum is almost like a city inside a larger city. For, it re-creates the traditional Hijazi architecture of the old city with 150 suites and 365 rooms in a true mixture of civilization and heritage. The indoor designs capture interesting times for Saudi heritage and gorgeous Islamic art. It took 15 years to collect the artworks, amazing antiques, and wonderful historical relics... You will get the best souvenirs inside the hallways of this museum.

Two minutes away from the museum, still inside Tayebat city, you will find Sheikh Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum, the person behind Tayebat Museum. He came up with the idea and started his collection and documentation mission around 44 years ago. There, you will find manuscripts and very exclusive antiques not found anywhere in the entire Middle East. 

Jeddah Open Museum


Jeddah Sculptures Museum is the first open museum in the city, and one of the largest collections of sculptures and statues in the world. This 7-square-kilometer museum of 21 artworks is situated on the wonderful new Corniche that offers a variety of picnic options. It is a constantly changing art seen.  

Museum of Home Art


Museum of Home Art was once a 5,000 square meters private residence. It holds a large assortment of antiques, luxurious and vintage home furniture, and another collection of rare pieces. This charming mixture of rare antique pieces and vintage furniture will with no doubt fill your photo album and perhaps even makes you revisit it.