Work-Friendly Cafés in Jeddah

Ideal spots to finish some tasks quietly

Work-Friendly Cafés in Jeddah

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With a growing industry of freelancers, start-ups, and go-it-alone gurus, a rising number of Jeddah’s workers are swapping conventional offices for digital ones. Add in business travelers and, now, more people than ever before are looking for work-friendly cafés where they can dash through projects, fueled by caffeine and good food. 

We’ve toured the city’s abundant choices of coffee shops to find out which ones provided a decent makeshift office for digital nomads. Complete with speedy Wi-Fi, ample table space, plug sockets, and work-friendly noise levels—and not forgetting decent coffee. 

Here’s our whittled-down list of outlets with everything you need to get some work done while you’re in town.


Ash Café


Ash Café serves up some of the best coffee in the city and knockout homemade desserts. While the café itself is compact, it is well equipped: the Wi-Fi connection is fast, and noise is kept to a background buzz. It also supports local artists by showcasing their work. For added privacy during work meetings, reserve one of the quirky booths that have been designed to look like treehouses.

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Layla's Gourmet


This child-free café is a hidden gem. Rocking bold vintage décor and relaxing background music, Layla’s Gourmet is a good nook for focused thinking. Comfortable chairs, spacious tables, and plenty of power sockets make for a work-conducive environment or even just a quiet space to hole up for a few hours with a book. When you need a boost, pick from a variety of coffees and excellent desserts such as sumptuous red velvet cake and pistachio-flavored Kanafa.

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Work & Co.

Work and Co. is a working lounge best known for its well-thought-out spaces. This is a remote worker’s paradise due to its modern interiors, speedy Wi-Fi connection, and all-day amenities including a coffee bar, and pantry for healthy snacks. The space is conveniently accessible through tiered passes and membership packages. In line with this one-stop-shop, fewer distractions approach, Work & Co. provides specialized zones for those needing some serenity, a collaborative atmosphere, or private meeting rooms.

One Fifteenth

One fifteenth calls itself a neighborhood cafe and, indeed, space does provide guests with an intimate, relaxed atmosphere that matches its woodwork and crafty interiors. The cafe offers some tranquility for early morning brainstorming sessions, seating options for those wanting some privacy, and a multipurpose room suitable for meetings and other activities.

Caffeine Lab


If you prefer to work somewhere a little livelier, then this is the spot. Caffeine Lab is an all-in-one hub for coffee lovers, with a section dedicated to selling brewing tools and equipment. They also have space for workshops. Digital nomads would appreciate Caffeine Hub’s fast Wi-Fi connection, an area that’s set up with outlets, and some tables that work well for communal sessions.

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Ekleel Café


The space is very cozy and peaceful for those preferring some quietude. In the evenings, they get the lighting just right for a relaxing ambiance. Whether it’s the specialty coffees, sandwiches, or desserts, they will not disappoint you. Make sure you grab a seat on the counter for a comfortable work experience. Otherwise, feel free to unwind on their couch seating.

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Medd Café


A specialty coffee house and roaster, Medd Café’s open-plan design makes it a great space for both individuals and groups to work in. Split into two levels, Medd Café is often buzzing with start-ups, meaning it can get a little active at times. It has an excellent Wi-Fi connection and even better coffee, all sourced from organic fair trade farms from across the coffee belt. The selection of organic teas is worth sampling too.

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Cup & Couch


Known locally as the neighborhood café, Cup & Couch is a mellow spot that feels just like an offshoot of home. Its friendly baristas serve a decent selection of coffees, teas, and light snacks. Once you finish some work, there is a large selection of traditional board games for procrastination purposes. If your preferred vibe is industrial chic, Cup & Couch probably isn’t for you, but this café’s warm atmosphere has a gentle appeal.

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Jeddah’s best brewery for ‘pour-over’ coffee, Brew92 serves up a relaxed working environment and fantastic food. Boasting low lighting, calming music, spacious design, fast Wi-Fi, and freshly-ground coffee beans, Brew92 has all of the essentials needed for a productive day of work. Dip into the menu when your inspiration runs low.

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