KAEC- Family Fun in the Sun KAEC- Family Fun in the Sun

KAEC- Family Fun in the Sun

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A haven for solo adventurers, business travelers, and families looking for a quick escape, KAEC is a city that has it all. Here are four very different options that will put a smile on your kids’ faces, whilst also letting the adults in on some summer fun. 

Juman Park Juman Park

Juman Park

In KAEC, there's enough space and activities for the whole family. Full of rolling green lawns for picnics, playgrounds for mini-adventures, and enough trees and shading to keep you cool, this massive public park is home to amenities galore including mini-golf, sports facilities, and an amphitheater—all by the sea.  

Oceana Resort Oceana Resort

Oceana Resort

This gated resort lies on the shores of the Red Sea. With a water park for the whole family to enjoy, this resort offers private exclusive experiences, whether you'd like to tan, swim, or simply walk across the pier. 

Yam Beach Yam Beach

Yam Beach

Right by the sea lies Yam Beach, a relaxing dream-like experience. Take a seat in the semi-submerged swing sets and gaze at the Red Sea while waves lap upon you, rent a paddleboat and leave your worries behind or play volleyball as the sun sets - all that matters here is your serenity.  

Royal Greens Royal Greens

Royal Greens

With a seaside clubhouse, private dining, a library, space, and much more, the grass really is greener here. Located in the luxurious Al Murooj district, this 18-hole championship golf course has the same level of quality as internationally renowned courses such as Pebble Beach. Don't forget about the countless dining options! 

Tip: It’s generally advised to request a visit pass ahead of time if you’re driving into the city, which you can do by signing up through KAEC's official portal. 

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