Regions of Saudi Arabia: Riyadh Culture Regions of Saudi Arabia: Riyadh Culture

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The Riyadh Province

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Culture in Riyadh Province: Art, Business and History of Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Riyadh, the birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia, where old-world charm meets 21st-century vision. Riyadh translates to “the Gardens,” a reference to the area’s past that dates back to the 14th century when the land was revered for its fertile soil, many canals and trees. Today, Riyadh Province, also known as Al Wosta, is home to the country’s capital: a modern metropolis with a thriving financial and business center and a growing cultural scene. It’s a city rich in history, boasting myriad forts, palaces and museums, and some of the country’s most colorful souqs. It’s also home to the country’s oldest university, King Saud University, plus one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, Kingdom Centre, and more than 4,000 mosques.

History of Riyadh Province: Diriyah, At-Turaif and Beyond

  • Province of Riyadh Province of Riyadh

    The wider region also offers a wealth of attractions, including Diriyah, the original capital of the first Saudi state. This must-see area is just northwest of the capital and is home to a carefully restored mud-brick district known as At-Turaif. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, the quarter offers a glimpse into the country’s extraordinary heritage. Stroll through its living museum featuring exhibition galleries sprinkled throughout the ruins for a dose of history and education. While in the area, also make time to visit the restaurants and cafés that are opening along the twisting lanes of the nearby Al Bujairy district.

  • Culture in Saudi Arabia: Riyadh

    Those in search of tranquility can head north of the city to the Edge of the World, where the sprawling Tuwaiq escarpment offers heart-stopping views over the arid plains below.

What to visit

Cities of Riyadh Province

  • Exploring Riyadh history, culture and food

    Exploring Riyadh history, culture and food

    Often referred to as Saudi’s capital of culture, Riyadh showcases the KSA’s beauty and wonder. Learn more about Riyadh’s history, culture and cuisine.

  • Explore Diriyah

    Explore Diriyah

    Home to one of Saudi’s UNESCO Heritage Sites, Diriyah is a center of Saudi Arabia’s rich history. Here’s what you won’t want to miss while in Diriyah!