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Mother's Day Any Day

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Dear moms everywhere - you deserve a break. It's about time you stepped back, took a breath, and relaxed. Take a moment to head out and explore while unwinding over the best the city has to offer. 

Start your day by going out to brunch with your girls; the city is filled with spots that offer the best menus packed with the most delicious delights. For nostalgic comfort food, visit Tameesa, a local hut famed for dishing out breakfast favorites such as the hearty shakshuka (egg scramble), foul (beans), kebdah (liver), finished with some classic Karak tea. For a spot with quintessential brunch delights like french toast, smoothies, and coffee, head to either Ohayou or Opla, while those looking for their artisanal fix won't go wrong with Flour and Firewood.

In the afternoon, have a reinvigorating spa retreat at Al Faisaliah Spa by ESPA. If you fancy a manicure, visit Shi Nail Spa or Four Nail Spa for some self-care. For a full scrub down and a royal hammam experience, visit the Hot stone spa

Bowling Bowling

For those looking for a more exciting afternoon, stir your competitive spirits with a round of bowling at Universal Bowling Center or at Yalla! Bowling in Riyadh Park. If an adrenaline rush is what you’re after, head to the karting track at Magic Planet right behind the bowling alley. If you’re looking for a more private session-- you can’t go wrong at DOOS Karting or at the Dirab Motor Park.

Moreover, suppose you think of taking a weekend off. Moreover, suppose you think of taking a weekend off.

Moreover, suppose you think of taking a weekend off. The all-female Luthan hotel and spa resort is the perfect place for a staycation, where you can let your hair down and be pampered to the fullest.

There is nothing like calming tea in the afternoon. The city is abundant with high tea joints such as Four SeasonsTea clubor The Secret Garden to relax and catch up with your friends with a nice piping cup of decoction. 

In the evening, if you are looking forward to enjoying a tranquil sunset, pack yourself a picnic basket or your barbecue grill and head to the cities dams and lakes for a fun day in the sun. The Salbukh water reservoir, or Namar lake, are great spots to enjoy the sunset and breeze surrounded by nature.

As the winter approaches, the city is encapsulated by a wonderful breeze and wind. This gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the city's nightlife with various fine dining and alfresco opportunities. Cafes like Farzi Cafe and Urth Cafe are lively, vibrant spaces to check out.

For an exuberant five-star night on the town, experience dining at NobuSuhailHualanand Mamo to try some of Riyadh's gastronomy bests. 

Have no regrets. It's good to take care of yourself: a happy and rejuvenated You paves the way to being the best woman, mother, wife, and daughter you can be.