The FUNdamentals of Winter The FUNdamentals of Winter

Experience these Seasonal adventures in Riyadh

The FUNdamentals of Winter

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Winter is an adventurous and active season in the capital. For outdoor enthusiasts looking to break a sweat or get into a new sport or hobby, this is the perfect time to discover Riyadh in a new light. Here are the different popular winter activities to do in Riyadh.

Discover Riyadh on a bike Discover Riyadh on a bike

Discover Riyadh on a bike

Whizzing through Riyadh's bike trails is suitable for cyclists of all fitness levels and packed full of highlights like – Diriyah, Wadi Hanifah, and Diplomatic Quarter. The journey combines traffic-free paths, letting you spin along and sightsee to your heart's content. 

Bike Rentals:
Spin SA

Cycling Groups:
Doves Ride
Venture Outdoors
Yalla Bike

Need More Speed? Get a Motorcycle Need More Speed? Get a Motorcycle

Need More Speed? Get a Motorcycle

Winter is an epic riding season for those wanting to discover Saudi sans the windows. Let the winds blow through your hair by adventuring on a motorcycle. You’ll come across riders and their groups all over the city this season. If you’re keen on being one of them, you can get your training at the Motorbike Institute.

Motorcycle Club:
HOG Riyadh Chapter

Motorbike Institute:
Bikers Skills Institute

Hike it Out Hike it Out

Hike it Out

Riyadh is blessed with several spectacular hiking trails because of its hilly terrain, and it is a great way to keep fit and get out and about. Strap on your hiking boots and explore the trails and scenic tracks.

Recommended Sites:
Edge of the World
Rock Art Panels at Qaryat Al Asia

Want to discover other hiking spots? We recommend contacting local tour guides who can take you to the Caravan trails and other Najd Valleys:
The Horizon Tours
Ghazi Tours

Roll on a Skateboard Roll on a Skateboard

Roll on a Skateboard

There’s something so enjoyable about heading outbound for the great outdoors on a skateboard. Enjoy the thrill and satisfaction of pulling off an ollie down the slopes and ramps, but make sure you take safety precautions.

Recommended places:
Diplomatic Quarters
Wadi Hanifah

Slide down the Sand Dunes

Slide down the Sand Dunes 

A popular extreme sport of the desert, Riyadh’s impressive dunes beckon adventurers during winter. Sandboard your way down the sweeping mounds of sand dunes and trek your way back up.

Stick around and camp in the park once your day of sandboarding is done.

Recommended places:
Red Sand Dunes
Al Kharrarah National Park