Saysed national park in taif Saysed national park in taif

A glimpse into Taif’s magic

Taif: a city worth the hike

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In Taif, you will always find a way to enjoy yourself. As we have more than 770 beautiful natural destinations for you to explore throughout the city such as resorts and parks.

Aljabal Alakhdar Park Aljabal Alakhdar Park



You will have no problem choosing your next destination, as Taif has a large variety of beautiful parks worth exploring. These parks feature playgrounds suitable for all ages, wide greenery to lay down and relax. You can also enjoy a nice walk in the nature. These parks also provide a wide variety of snacks and drinks for you to recharge your energy and explore even more.

Some of the notable parks in Taif are:

Bird Oasis Bird Oasis

Wildlife Sanctuaries


Taif is home to many different species of animals and birds that you can just come across while walking around the town. But as for exotic animals such as the arabian leopard, deers, oryxes, etc., they can be found in Saja and umm al-ramth wildlife sanctuary. On the other hand, if you are interested in learning more about a wide variety of bird species, “Bird Oasis” bird park is the destination for you.

Alshafa mountain Alshafa mountain



You can enjoy a beautiful view of the “Tihama” area while crossing the curved roads of Alhijaz mountains located in the beautiful region of Al-shifa.
You can take the most breathtaking pictures of Al-hada mountain while riding one of the cable cars there. You will also be able to observe the beautiful greenery of the most famous tree in Taif: The tall juniper trees knows for their needle-like leaves which reaches up to 8 metres.