Al-sharif heritage museum Al-sharif heritage museum

A heritage that lives on

Explore the Museums of Taif

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Museums are considered a very essential way of preserving culture and heritage and passing it on to future generations. In museums, we can be transported back in time to observe every detail the antique pieces has to offer.

In the past, Taif was home for the wealthy. It was filled with fancy palaces and castles that transformed into tourist destinations welcoming visitors to enjoy and explore its culture.

Shubra Palace


Al-shubra Palace holds a very important historic and political place, as it witnessed important events of the Hijaz region. The palace was owned by Ali Basha Bin Awn and it was built in 1905. We can see influences of Ottoman and Egyptian architecture mixed with Hijazi architecture.

Al-sharif heritage museum


Get ready to visit one of the largest museums in Saudi Arabia with an area of 6500 square meters. The museum features various artifacts and a marketplace to showcase Taif’s traditional craftsmanship. There’s also a section featuring historic manuscripts and documents. All that and much more awaits at Al-sharif heritage museum everyday from 4pm until 12 AM