Freshly collected petals make the best rose water.
How to Make Rose Water How to Make Rose Water

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Rose water in Saudi

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Rose water is highly appreciated and widely used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starting from being used as a flavor in different types of food and drinks to its usage in beauty products and perfumes. It is produced from rose farms and factories in Taif that covers all the market needs.

Rose water in Saudi Rose water in Saudi

The Journey of Rose Water from Taif

Roses are associated with the city of Taif as an authentic icon, it is one of the most prominent symbols of the city as it is famous for the cultivation, production of roses, and the extraction of rose water to use in many popular products. Each year, a journey starts in December that begins with the preparation of rose fields by preparing the soil, fertilizing, and irrigation. By mid-January, at the peak of winter in Taif, Farmers prune rose bushes of various types, such as dark-colored roses and light roses, known as the Rose of Taif.

The Extraction of Taif Rose Water The Extraction of Taif Rose Water

The Extraction of Taif Rose Water


During the rose picking season, which begins from the end of March until early April and lasts for 45 days, local farmers harvest about 70,000 roses per day, starting before sunrise. You can experience the process by visiting the 24-hour farms such as Alshiokh farm and factory that have a café with a distinctive view of the rose fields.

For the distillation of roses, farmers first weigh the petals of light-colored roses, then boil them with water inside copper pots for about 7 hours, and that is where the process begins. It mainly lies in gathering the rose’s steam through a tube connected to a refrigeration vessel where the steam is condensed and turned into drops, there should not be any interruption of the process. The extracted rose water should be mixed with regular water or “Al-Arous rose water”, which is the most concentrated rose water as it is about 80% of the rose’s aroma.

The Aroma of Taif’s Rose Products The Aroma of Taif’s Rose Products

The Aroma of Taif’s Rose Products

Artisans are showcasing their ability to extract about 85 roses aromatic products, as there are types of rose oil, Al-Arous rose water, and ordinary rose water, which is the lightest of them, in addition to other types of perfumes in which manufacturers prefer to add Taif roses due to their severity and concentration. It is also a part of the manufacture of soap and moisturizing products. The efforts of craftsmen continue to provide more innovative commercial and medical products.