Traditional Scent Traditional Scent

Discover why Taif is Saudi Arabia’s City of Roses

Taif’s Roses: Traditional Scent

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The sweet spring breeze spreads the scent of Taif’s roses all the way from the green gardens in the high mountains of Al Sarawat to the city’s roads and homes. Their bright colors and breathtaking scent are a delight to the gardens and park paths, and you also find it sitting on the happy occasions on the heads of children. The impact of Taif’s roses extends to forming a blooming economy with aromatic combinations that admire the tourists.

Taif’s Roses: Traditional Scent Taif’s Roses: Traditional Scent

The Life Cycle of Taif’s Roses

The life cycle of the Taif’s roses begins in December of each year, when farmers return to care for their fields and bushes. After 55 days, their scent mixes with the fragrant lush juniper trees in the gardens’ paths. The rich colors of nature mix, announcing the season of picking rose petals in the same time early spring of every year. They are then transported in bushels to Taif’s rose oil extraction factories.

Scents that Refresh Your Senses Scents that Refresh Your Senses

Scents that Refresh Your Senses

The senses of tourists are refreshed every spring, as the scent of velvety petals motivates them to purchase Taif’s rose water and their fragrant perfumes from local factories that produce the finest types of perfumes in attractive glass containers that tourists buy for the splendor of their aroma.

 Al Rudaf Park  Al Rudaf Park

Celebrating Taif’s Roses


Learn about the cultural and heritage aspects of the Taif’s roses at the annual Taif Rose Festival, organized by the Ministry of Culture in Al Rudaf Park. Many live performances, music and perfume-making workshops take place in an atmosphere filled with cheerful crowds, and the beauty of nature where the beautiful scents of roses and the views of the meeting of mountains with heavy clouds. The Taif Rose Festival, in its second edition, has set a Guinness world record for the biggest basket of roses. The basket consisted of 84,450 assorted roses, which took more than 168 hours of work, and 190 young men and women from Taif contributed to making it.

Rashid Al Qurashei Factory Rashid Al Qurashei Factory

Taif’s Rose Factories

Be prepared to witness the Taif’s roses closely with friends and family when you visit local gardens and factories. Take the opportunity to purchase the finest rose products from Rashid Al Qurashei Factory, which has an outdoor seating area adjacent to a garden that has apricot, berry and pomegranate trees.